Bolianus, Karner, Salvato & Uliana, 2015

Karner, Michael, Salvato, Gianfranco & Uliana, Marco, 2015, A new genus and new species of Telephanini (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) from Gabon, European Journal of Taxonomy 130, pp. 1-10: 2-3

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gen. nov.

Bolianus   gen. nov.

Type species

Bolianus giannae   sp. nov.

Differential diagnosis

Within the Telephanini   , Bolianus   gen. nov. is closely related to Psammaechidius Fairmaire, 1882   , but differs by the distinct median frontal groove, large eyes, short and moderately curved temples, maximum width of pronotum near middle, and the tuberculate lateral margins of the pronotum.


The peculiar median groove along the head prompted us to derive the generic name from the ‘Bolians’, a fictitious species from the universe of the science fiction series ‘Star Trek’, characterized by a vertical suture running along the midline of head and face.


The genus shares the characteristics of Brontinae   : Telephanini   as described by Thomas & Nearns (2008), plus: apical maxillary palpomere securiform ( Fig. 7 View Figs 5–8 ); apical labial palpomere large, rounded ( Fig. 8 View Figs 5–8 ); antennal scape elongate; frons with two lateral lines and one median line; eyes large; temples evenly curved, narrowed immediately behind eyes; maximum pronotal width near middle; lateral margins

of pronotum tuberculate; anterior coxal cavities closed ( Fig. 9 View Figs 9–12 ); anterior and middle coxae separated narrowly ( Fig. 10 View Figs 9–12 ); scutellum with transverse carina; elytra with 10 rows of punctures; scutellary striole present; 2 nd and 3 rd tarsomeres with single ventral lobe ( Fig. 11 View Figs 9–12 ); abdominal ventrites simple ( Fig. 12 View Figs 9–12 ); aedeagus inverted, parameres well developed.