Acanthopathinae Opresko, 2004

Lima, Manuela M., Cordeiro, Ralf T. S. & Perez, Carlos D., 2019, Black Corals (Anthozoa: Antipatharia) from the Southwestern Atlantic, Zootaxa 4692 (1), pp. 1-67: 14

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Acanthopathinae Opresko, 2004


SubFamily Acanthopathinae Opresko, 2004  

Diagnosis. “Polyps small, usually 0.5–1.0 mm in transverse diameter; subequal in transverse and sagittal axes or slightly longer along either axis; interpolypar space often relatively wide, as much as 0.4 mm in preserved material. Tentacles of polyps in preserved material short and blunt. Spines tall (0.4 mm or more), acicular to cylindrical, and anisomorphic; maximum height usually more than three times the width near the base; acute or blunt, smooth or slightly tuberculate on parts of surface, especially near the apex. Polypar spines considerably taller than abpolypar spines; circumpolypar spines larger than interpolypar spines; hypostomal spines usually reduced or absent. Corallum flabellate or bushy. Stem and branches simple or pinnulate. When present, pinnules simple” ( Opresko, 2004).