Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus Erk’akan, Özeren & Nalbant 2008

Yoğurtçuoğlu, Baran, Kaya, Cüneyt & Freyhof, Jörg, 2022, Revision of the Oxynoemacheilus angorae group with the description of two new species (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae), Zootaxa 5133 (4), pp. 451-485 : 457-458

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.5133.4.1

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Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus Erk’akan, Özeren & Nalbant 2008


Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus Erk’akan, Özeren & Nalbant 2008 View in CoL

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Oxynoemacheilus anatolica Erk’akan, Özeren & Nalbant, 2008 View in CoL :117, Figs. 4–6 View FIGURE 4 View FIGURE 5 View FIGURE 6 (type locality: Burdur prov.: Input of Karamanli Dam Lake , southwestern Turkey) .

Material examined. FFR 15590, 20, 49–70 mm SL; Turkey: Burdur prov.: stream flowing to Karamanlı reservoir near Dereköy , 37.4247 29.8223 GoogleMaps .— FSJF 2014 , 18 , 35–54 mm SL; Turkey: Burdur prov.: stream north of Bucak , at main road to Burdur, 37.5126 30.5409 GoogleMaps .— FSJF 2595 , 17 , 47–59 mm SL; IUSHM 2021-1425 , 10 , 33–56 mm SL; Turkey: Burdur prov.: stream in Düger, behind Mosque , 37.5806 30.0275 GoogleMaps .

New material used in molecular genetic analysis. FSJF-DNA 1110 ; Turkey: Burdur prov.: stream in Düğer, behind Mosque, 37.5806 30.0275 (GenBank accession numbers: ON123690 View Materials , ON123691 View Materials , ON123692 View Materials ).—FSJF-DNA 2816; GoogleMaps Turkey: Burdur prov.: Bayındır stream 2 km west of Çavdır , 37.1491 29.6611 (GenBank accession numbers: ON123678 View Materials , ON123679 View Materials , ON123680 View Materials ) GoogleMaps .

Additional distribution records. Yeğen et al. 2007: 36.9447 29.3339, 36.9489 29.1814, 36.9592 29.2333, 36.9783 29.2036, 37.0294 29.1947, 37.1161 29.0936; 37.1389 29.1553, 37.1442 29.1153, 37.3292 29.3033, 37.3953 29.2597, 37.4269 29.6664; Van Neer et al. 2008: 37.4561 30.0258; Erk’akan 2012: 37.4095 29.8319; unpublished records: 37.5294 29.6567, 37.1491 29.6611.

Diagnosis. Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus is distinguished from other species of the Oxynoemacheilus angorae group by a combination of characters, none of them unique: flank completely covered by scales, caudal peduncle depth 1.3–1.6 times in its length, flank with irregularly set and shaped, confluent blotches and spots forming a marbled or mottled pattern, pre-dorsal back usually with 3–4 saddles, no depigmented stripe along the anterior part of the lateral line, and a slightly emarginate caudal fin (shortest middle caudal-fin ray is 84–93% of the longest ray of the upper caudal-fin lobe).

Distribution. Oxynoemacheilus anatolicus was described from the inflow of Karamanlı Reservoir (Burdur), where it is presently locally abundant. The species is also distributed in the wider Burdur basin and in the upper Dalaman River drainage in the Aegean basin. Superficially, similar populations in Değirmendere creek, the main tributary of Lake Salda, and the Onaç River (Bucak) are preliminarily identified as O. anatolicus .

Remarks. Based on the available COI dataset, O. anatolicus is separated by a minimum K2P distance of 1.8% to O. germencicus , its closest relative. It is supported as a distinct species by the PTP approach, but not by the mPTP delimitation. It is distinguished from O. germencicus by lacking scales on the belly (vs. small embedded scales present on the belly, often restricted to an area between the pelvic-fin bases); a slightly emarginate caudal fin in which the middle caudal-fin ray is 84–93% of the length of the longest caudal-fin ray (vs. 72–82), and a deeper head (head depth at eye 47–57% HL vs. 41–49).

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