Nops farhati Prosen, 1949,

Sánchez-Ruiz, Alexander & Brescovit, Antonio D., 2018, A revision of the Neotropical spider genus Nops MacLeay (Araneae: Caponiidae) with the first phylogenetic hypothesis for the Nopinae genera, Zootaxa 4427 (1), pp. 1-121: 78-79

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Nops farhati Prosen, 1949


Nops farhati Prosen, 1949 

Figure 50A ‒JView FIGURE 50

Nops farhati Prosen, 1949: 321  , figs A – C. Birabén, 1954: 43, fig. 7. Male holotype from Campo Gallo, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, iii.1943, A.F. Prosen (MLP 321; examined).

Nops proseni Birabén, 1954: 43  , figs 1–6, 8–10. Male holotype from Balbuena, Salta, Argentina, 12.x.1948, A.F. Prosen ( MLP 320View Materials; examined). New Synonymy 

Remarks. The male holotype of Nops proseni  has the same conformation of bulb and embolus as the male holotype of Nops farhati  ; and we were unable to discover differences in the tips of the embolus ( Fig. 50I ‒JView FIGURE 50). Slight differences between both specimens noted by Birabén (1954) as related to color and size, could be a variation between populations separated more than 300 km.

Diagnosis. Males resemble similar congener Nops minas  n. sp. by having the PLS two times longer than the PMS, and a similar straight embolus and shorter than palpal tibia ( Fig. 64B ‒DView FIGURE 64); but can be distinguished by having the posterior unpaired claws elongated and dorsally reflexed ( Fig. 5BView FIGURE 5) and a shorter embolus, with the tip lacking the wide cut on prolateral side ( Fig. 50C ‒D, G ‒HView FIGURE 50).

Description. Male (holotype MPL 321): Carapace light orange ( Fig. 50A, EView FIGURE 50). Chelicerae, labium, coxae and legs yellowish orange. Endites and sternum orange ( Fig. 50B, FView FIGURE 50). Abdomen light gray, dorsal pattern as in figure 6I but almost unnoticeable; lighter, almost white ventrally. Anal tubercle and spinnerets lighter. Total length 7.8. Carapace 3.6 long, 3.1 wide. Sternum 3.0 long, 2.8 wide. Leg measurements: I: 3.6; II: 3.5; III: 3.3; IV: 3.7. Posterior unpaired claws elongated and dorsally reflexed. PLS longer than PMS. Palp with embolus shorter than palpal tibia, straight ( Fig. 50C ‒D, G ‒HView FIGURE 50); with wide embolar tip, and two long extensions: one ventral and one dorsal ( Fig. 50I ‒JView FIGURE 50).

Female: unknown

Variation. Specimen from Salta ( MLP 320), is smaller than the specimen from Santiago del Estero ( MLP 321), and has dorsally several irregular, small dark gray spots in the proximal part, and radiant light bands from the midline in the apical part, inconspicuous due to alcohol preservation ( Fig. 50EView FIGURE 50).

Distribution. North of Argentina ( Fig. 52AView FIGURE 52).


Prirodonamen Muzej Skopje


Musee de Port Louis


Museo de La Plata














Nops farhati Prosen, 1949

Sánchez-Ruiz, Alexander & Brescovit, Antonio D. 2018

Nops farhati Prosen, 1949 : 321

Prosen, 1949 : 321
C. Birabén, 1954 : 43

Nops proseni Birabén, 1954 : 43

Birabén, 1954 : 43