Colletes nigricans

Yu, Maxim & Kuhlmann, Michael, 2012, The bees of the genus Colletes Latreille 1802 of the Ukraine, with a key to species (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Colletidae), Zootaxa 3488, pp. 1-40: 36

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.246435

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Colletes nigricans


Colletes nigricans   species-group

C. eous Morice   : Figs 7 View FIGURE 7. a c, d

Colletes hylaeiformis   species-group

C. hylaeiformis Eversmann   : Figs 7 View FIGURE 7. a e, f

Colletes tardus   species-group

C. tardus Noskiewicz   : Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. a e. S 7 of this species is similar to C. inexpectatus   and C. tuberculatus   but in the former the hind basitarsus is apically slightly broadened ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. a f, unmodified in C. tardus   , see key). Compared to C. tuberculatus   ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10. a b) the punctation of T 1-2 in C. tardus   is finer, shallower and more dense. Colletes fodiens   species-group

C. daviesanus Smith   : Figs 9 a View FIGURE 9. a , b

C. fodiens (Fourcroy)   : Figs 9 View FIGURE 9. a c, d

C. similis Schenck   : Figs 9 View FIGURE 9. a e, f

C. tuberculatus Morawitz   : Figs 10 a View FIGURE 10. a , b

Colletes anchusae   species-group

C. anchusae Noskiewicz   : Figs 11 View FIGURE 11. a e, f

Colletes marginatus   species-group

C. chengtehensis Yasumatsu   : Figs 13 a View FIGURE 13. a , b. This species is very similar to C. marginatus   but S 7 is apically narrower, punctation on T 1 is slightly finer and apical tergal hair bands are a bit broader than in C. marginatus   . C. marginatus Smith   : Figs 13 View FIGURE 13. a c, d. See C. chengtehensis   .