Scolopia taimbarina H.Perrier

Applequist, Wendy L. & Schatz, George E., 2016, A synoptic revision of the Malagasy species of Scolopia Schreb. (Salicaceae, Scolopieae), Adansonia 38 (1), pp. 99-115 : 113-114

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Scolopia taimbarina H.Perrier


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Mémoires du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, n.s., 13: 279, 280 (1940).

— Type: Madagascar. Prov. Toamasina, Analamazaotra , IX.1925, fl., Louvel 117 (holo-, P [ P00077443 ]! ; iso-, WAG [ WAG0004331 ], photo seen; fragment, L, photo seen).

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Madagascar. Prov. Antsiranana, Réserve Naturelle Intégrale de Marojejy , 10.5 km NW Manantenina, along tributary at head of Andranomifototra River, Campement 4, 14°26’24”S, 49°44’30”E, 1625 m, 4-13.XI.1996, fl., Rakotomalaza et al. 894 ( G, MO).

Prov. Toamasina. Moramanga, Ambohibary , Ampitambe , Ambatovy , forêt d’Analamay Sud , 18°48’18”S, 48°19’48”E, 1220 m, 18.XII.2004, fr., Andriamahefarivo et al. 52 (P). Moraman- ga, Andasibe, Menalamba , Ambatovy , Analamay forest on crust, 18°47’59”S, 48°19’52”E, 1142 m, 2.XII.2005, fr., Antilahimena et al. 4309 (MO, P). Moramanga, commune Ambohibary , fokontany Ampitambe , Ambatovy , Saharevo forest without crust, 18°50’22’S, 48°17’52”E, 1136 m, 11.XII.2006, fr., Antilahimena et al. 5122 (P). Alaotra-Mangoro, Moramanga, Ampitambe, Ambatovy , Zone de défrichement 27, 18°51’26”S, 48°17’53”E, 1093 m, 17.XII.2010, fr., Miandrimanana et al. 502 ( G, MO). Forêt Analamazaotra, 800 m, XII.year?, fr., Perrier de la Bâthie 5976 (P×2). Alaotra Mangoro, Moramanga, Ambohibary , Ampitambe , forêt d’Analamay, 18°48’31”S, 48°20’53”E, 1009 m, 9.XI.2008, Ratolojanahary 164 (MO). 17 km S of Route Nationale 2 ( Antananarivo to Toamasina ), along road to Lakato , 19°03’10”S, 48°22’20”E, 1080 m, 11.XI.2003, fr., Schatz et al. 4183 (MO, P).

DISTRIBUTION AND HABITAT. — Scolopia taimbarina is known from mid- to high-elevation northeastern humid forests ( Fig. 4 View FIG ).


Scolopia taimbarina is a small tree or large shrub to 8 m tall. The small, persistent, brown-drying leaves are elliptical to broadly elliptical, sometimes tending toward ovate or obovate, with a rounded to obtuse apex. The sepals are reported to be reddish-green, while the stamens are white. It co-occurs at Analamazaotra with S. thouvenotii , a slightly more common species that also has fairly small brown leaves, flowers with only about 40 stamens and pedicels under 5 mm even in fruit. Leaves of S. thouvenotii are narrower, elliptical to ovate or lanceolate, with usually long-caudate apices; S. taimbarina seems to occur usually at higher elevations than S. thouvenotii , though there is some overlap in elevational range.


Hazomby (Antilahimena et al. 5122); Taimbarina p[etites] f[euilles] (Louvel 117).


The preliminary assessment of the conservation status of Scolopia taimbarina is Endangered (EN B1ab(ii,iii,iv,v)). It is known from only five locations and has an Extent of Occurrence of 3866 km 2 and a minimum Area of Occupancy of 28 km 2, though the potential maximum Area of Occupancy based on likely suitable habitat within the Extent of Occurrence is c. 3000 km 2. The habitat includes the current Protected Areas of Andasibe-Mantadia and Marojejy, but we project a decline at the Ambatovy mining site in the near future.














Scolopia taimbarina H.Perrier

Applequist, Wendy L. & Schatz, George E. 2016

Mémoires du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, n.s., 13: 279, 280 (1940)
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