Psyllaephagus, Ashmead, 1900

Jerinić-Prodanović, Dušanka, Mihajlović, Ljubodrag & Stojanović, Aleksandar, 2019, Parasitoids of jumping plant-lice (Psylloidea, Hemiptera) from the family Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) in Serbia, Zootaxa 4577 (1), pp. 29-50: 39

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Psyllaephagus  sp.

( Figs. 40–44View FIGURES 40–49)

Material examined. Acizzia jamatonica  from Albizia julibrissin, Zemun, Kej  , 16.vii.2015, ex pupa 1♀.

Trophic status. Parasitoid of psyllids (Noyes 2017).

Diagnosis. Head and body dark with green blue metallic sheen. Antenna dark yellow, scape and pedicel bright brown, clava dark on the top. Scutellum purple, on the top bright metallic bluish green. Procoxae bright yellow, meso and metacoxae dark, metallic. Metafemur dark, in the base bright yellow. Basal tergite of gaster bright blue, other parts dark purple, greenish blue. Flagellar segments 2–5 wider than long, 1 and 6 square.

Comments. This species is very similar to Psyllaephagus rubriscutellatus Myartseva  , but antennae are different in accordance to the description by Trjapitzin (1989). Here, Psyllaephagus  sp. is recorded in association with A. jamatonica  for the first time.