Sectiliclava cleone (Walker, 1844)

Jerinić-Prodanović, Dušanka, Mihajlović, Ljubodrag & Stojanović, Aleksandar, 2019, Parasitoids of jumping plant-lice (Psylloidea, Hemiptera) from the family Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) in Serbia, Zootaxa 4577 (1), pp. 29-50: 39-40

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Sectiliclava cleone (Walker, 1844)


Sectiliclava cleone (Walker, 1844)  

( Figs. 45, 46 View FIGURES 40–49 )

Material examined. Psylla alni   ( Fig. 8 View FIGURES 2–9 ), on Alnus glutinosa (Linnaeus) Gaertin, Todorovići   , 13.vii.2007, ex pupa 1♀.

Trophic status. Parasitoid of adult jumping plant-lice.

Hosts. Cacopsylla pyri   , C. mali   , C. melanoneura   and C. affinis   ( Trjapitzin 1989; Noyes 2017).

Distribution. Palearctic.

Diagnosis. Head and mesosoma blue golden green. Tegula yellow white or yellow, legs yellow. Fore leg with apical tarsal segment grossly enlarged, distinctly large than those of middle and hind leg. Clava on the top cut. Frontovertex and gena with long setae. The specimen matches the description published by Graham (1961) and Trjapitzin (1989).

Comments. New record for Serbia. In this study, Sectiliclava cleone   was reared from an adult of Psylla alni   . The species from genus Sectiliclava   parasitize exclusively the adults of psyllids. So far, S. cleone   has been recorded as a parasitoid of Cacopsylla melanoneura   , C. affinis   , C. pyri   and C. mali   ( Trjapitzin 1989; Noyes & Hanson 1996). Here, Sectiliclava cleone   is recorded in association with Psylla alni   for the first time ( Table 2).