Laelapidae, A.Berlese, 1892

Joharchi, Omid, Issakova, Aigerim K., Asyamova, Olga S., Sarcheshmeh, Mohammadhassan Abbasi & Tolstikov, Andrei V., 2020, Some soil-inhabiting mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) from Kazakhstan, with description of a new species of Gaeolaelaps Evans & Till (Acari: Laelapidae), Zootaxa 4819 (3), pp. 473-498: 479

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Family Laelapidae 

Notes. Before the present study, 24 species of Laelapidae  have been reported from Kazakhstan ( Chelebiev, 1981, 1988a). However, we believe that there is some ambiguity about the identification and generic placement of some of these species. We add to that fauna by describing a new species of Gaeolaelaps Evans & Till, 1966  , and reporting another six species from the genera Cosmolaelaps  , Gaeolaelaps  , Laelaspis  , Ololaelaps  and Pseudoparasitus  which are new for Kazakhstan.