Glaresis, Erichson, 1848

Gordon, Robert D. & Hanley, Guy A., 2014, Systematic revision of American Glaresidae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea), Insecta Mundi 2014 (333), pp. 1-91: 6-7

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Glaresis  - Pardoalcaidei Group

Description. Size large, length 4.0 to 5.7 mm. Clypeal apex truncate with small tubercles, medially angled posteriorly ( Fig. 1BView Figures 1). Pronotal foveae completely lacking except for small anterolateral depression, surface with round tubercles, each tubercle bearing semi-erect seta; elytral striae flat, with round, seta bearing tubercles ( Fig. 1DView Figures 1. Metasternum with surface ridges unmodified, with faint trace of metasternal groove. Mesotibia with posterolateral flange covering setal bases, with 5 spines, apex produced ( Fig. 1CView Figures 1). Posterior metatrochanteral margin somewhat serrate or with large tooth at outer angle ( Fig. 1GView Figures 1). Metatibia without lateral armature, apical margin not incised. Apex of 5th abdominal ventrite unmodified. Sexually dimorphic; males have large, median tubercles on metasternum ( Fig. 1CView Figures 1), outer apical angle of metatrochanter with long, curved tooth, females lack median tubercle on metasternum, outer angle of metatrochanter without tooth.

Remarks. This monotypic South American group is the only known Glaresis  taxon to exhibit gross sexual dimorphism and is not closely similar to any other group of American Glaresis  .