Young, Catherine J., 2006, Descriptions of the eggs of some southern Australian Geometridae (Lepidoptera), Zootaxa 1287, pp. 1-294: 1-294

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Comment on Lithinini  

The eggs of the two lithinine genera exhibit clearly differentiated forms. Idiodes   eggs exemplify the more typical lithinine characteristics as described by Salkeld (1983). The eggs of this species closely resemble those of two Nearctic lithinine species described by Salkeld, Petrophora subaequaria Walker   and Homochlodes fritillaria Guenée. Common   features are: narrow, rather elongated eggs with a markedly truncated anterior pole; marked all over by quadrate, elongated, concave cells with moderately broad, doubleridged and elevated walls; prominent longitudinal ribs; elevated aeropyles with large to very large openings; rough chorion. The eggs of this species also greatly resemble and share many common features with Amelora leucaniata   , A. nebulosa   and A. zophopasta   (Figs 49–61, 67–71). By contrast the eggs of Metrocampa   are rather nacophorine in appearance with a broad, dorso­ventrally flattened form, irregularly arranged cells, narrow to moderately broad, recessed walls and inconspicuous aeropyles.