Smyriodes Guenée, 1857

Young, Catherine J., 2006, Descriptions of the eggs of some southern Australian Geometridae (Lepidoptera), Zootaxa 1287, pp. 1-294 : 1-294

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Smyriodes Guenée


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S. aplectaria is a common, widespread species that inhabits eucalypt forests in southern Australia. S. trigramma Lower also feeds on Eucalyptus LHérit and is more widely distributed from southern Queensland to Victoria and South and south­western Australia. The eggs of the two described and two undescribed species are illustrated. Smyriodes eggs are narrow and sub­elliptical to broad and bluntly ovoid. They are usually marked on all surfaces by flat hexagonal cells with narrow, recessed to slightly elevated walls but the cell form is barely discernible except on or near the anterior pole. Aeropyles are elevated with moderately large to large openings and are only present on the anterior pole. The chorion is generally smooth apart from the anterior pole where it is wrinkled and granular. Smyriodes eggs resemble Chlenias and Ciampa eggs (see above) on the basis of general egg shape, inconspicuous cell form, the restricted distribution and size and shape of the of the aeropyles and the granular chlorion. The eggs of S. aplectaria also have multiple aeropyles along some cell walls similar to those of Chlenias ‘banksiaria’ and C. seminigra and also the archiearine Acalyphes sp. and the boarmiines Gastrinodes sp. and Scioglyptis sp. 1 described below.











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