Schismatoglottis retinervia Furtado

Wong, Sin Yeng & Joling, Jyloerica, 2021, Checklist of aroids (Alismatales, Araceae) from Sabah (Malaysian Borneo), Check List 17 (3), pp. 931-974 : 965

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Schismatoglottis retinervia Furtado


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Material examined. MALAYSIA – Pedalaman • Keningau, Crocker Range area, Kimanis road, Mile 16; 05°51′15″N, 116°18′50″E; 23 August 1986; Fidilis Kris- pinus SAN 120565 ( SAN) GoogleMaps Sipitang, Sungai Long Pasia ; 04°24′24″N, 115°43′58″E; 3 September 2002; Postar & Geoffrey D. SAN 145767 (K, SAN) GoogleMaps Pantai Barat • Ranau, Mount Kinabalu, Tenompok ; 06°05′30″N, 116°32′45″E; 1524 m elev.; 26 March 1932; Clemens & Clemens 29153 (L) GoogleMaps Ranau, Masilau, Pinosok Plateu , Kinabalu ; 06°02′05″N, 116°36′56″E; 1371.6 m (4500 ft.) elev.; 27 July 1963; W. Meijer SAN 25472 ( SAN) GoogleMaps .

Identification. The somewhat elongate sprawling habit, in which the plants may form clonal colonies, together with the membranous, elliptic leaves with spreading primary and conspicuously tessellate tertiary venation and the solitary inflorescence suggest affinity with species such as S. patentinervia Engl. and S. brevicuspis Hook. f. (Malay Peninsula) ( Hay and Yuzammi 2000).

Distribution and ecology. Endemic to Sabah. Terrestrial in mid-montane forest near streams (but not rheophytic) at ca. 1200–1500 m elev.


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