Paraphloeostiba gayndahensis (MACLEAY 1873)

Assing, V., 2010, Four new species and additional records of Staphylinidae from Spain, primarily from the south (Insecta: Coleoptera), Linzer biologische Beiträge 42 (2), pp. 1105-1124 : 1106-1107

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Paraphloeostiba gayndahensis (MACLEAY 1873)


Paraphloeostiba gayndahensis (MACLEAY 1873)  

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d Spain: C a s t i l l a - L a M a n c h a 1 ex., Albacete , Motilla , Rio Júcar , 635 m, at light, 26.IV.2004, leg. Lencina & Lencina (cAss). M u r c i a: 2 exs., Jumilla, Olmedo del Portichuelo, 38°20'N, 1°23'W, 625 m, flight interception trap, 7.VII.- 10.VIII.2009, leg. Lencina (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 7 exs., Jumilla , Olmeda del Portichuelo, 13.IX.2008, leg. Lencina (cAss)   ; 4 exs., Jumilla , El Portichuelo, 575 m, 38°31'N, 1°22'W, 4. VI.2009, leg. Lencina (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., Sierra de Segura , 38°13'N, 1°14'W, 410 m, flight interception trap, 30. VI.- 4.VIII.2009, leg. Lencina (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 6 exs., Jumilla , Sierra del Carche, FIT, 22.VII.-9.VIII. 2008, leg. Lencina (cAss)   ; 6 exs., Jumilla , Sierra del Carche , 38°26'N, 1°10'W, 1050 m, flight interception trap, 12.-27. V.2006, leg. Lencina & Gallego (cAss). B a l e a r e s: 1 ex. [det. Feldmann], Mallorca, Son Carrió, VI.2004, compost, leg. Feldmann (cFel) GoogleMaps   .

C o m m e n t: This adventive species was first recorded from Europe and is now widespread in West Europe (including the Atlantic Islands) eastwards to Central Europe


( HERMAN 2001, SMETANA 2004). According to SMETANA (2004), it has been reported also from mainland Spain, but primary records are unknown to me.


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