Saprositellus Balthasar 1967

Skelley, Paul E., 2007, New South American taxa of Odontolochini Stebnicka and Howden (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), Insecta Mundi 2007 (22), pp. 1-15: 9

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Saprositellus Balthasar 1967


Saprositellus Balthasar 1967  

Diagnosis. In addition to the description and diagnosis of Stebnicka (2003) distinguishing characters are: head coarsely punctate from base nearly to clypeal margin, punctures gradually decreasing in size anteriorly; clypeal surface dulled, except for narrow band immediately behind margin, glossy, weakly granulate or sharply transversely rugose; clypeal margin narrow, with several small denticles each side of median emargination, inner edge of margin with triangular tooth pointing inwardly at middle; abdominal sternites with punctures moderate to coarse; basal fluting small to indistinct; surfaces of sternites 1- 6 with irregularly arranged punctures across surface.

Comments. Descriptions and key for species of Saprositellus   can be found in Stebnicka (2003). A new species and new records are detailed below.