Saprositellus ariquemes Stebnicka 2003

Skelley, Paul E., 2007, New South American taxa of Odontolochini Stebnicka and Howden (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae), Insecta Mundi 2007 (22), pp. 1-15: 11

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Saprositellus ariquemes Stebnicka 2003


Saprositellus ariquemes Stebnicka 2003  

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Diagnosis. A parallel-sided Saprositellus   with somewhat carinate elytral intervals, large humeral denticle on each elytron, and pronotal punctures separated by less than a diameter.

Comments. Saprositellus ariquemes   was described from 3 specimens collected in Brazil and Bolivia. Additional specimens with the following data have been discovered: BOLIVIA: Santa Cruz, 3.7km SSE Buena Vista, Hotel Flora & Fauna , 430m, 5-15-XI-2001, M. C. Thomas and B. K. Dozier, tropical transition forest, BLT [1- FSCA]; BOLIVIA: Santa Cruz, Buena Vista , vic. Flora & Fauna Hotel, 27-31/X/02, Morris / Wappes [1- MNKN]; FRENCH GUIANA: Entomotech Lodge , 30 km SE Roura on Kaw Rd., 1-12- XII-2002, J. E. Eger, N04 o 33.570' - W052 o 12.433', 300m, BL Trap [1- PESC]; GUYANA: Region 8, Iwokrama Forest , Turtle Mt. base camp, 50m, 4 o 43’5"N, 58 o 43’5"W, 30 MAY 2001; R. Brooks, Z. Falin, GUY1BF01 069, ex under bark, [bar code] SM0567564, KUNHM-ENT [1- SEMC] GoogleMaps   .


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


University of Kansas - Biodiversity Institute