Conostigmus Dahlbom, 1858

Trietsch, Carolyn, Mikó, István, Ezray, Briana & Deans, Andrew R., 2020, A Taxonomic Revision of Nearctic Conostigmus (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea: Megaspilidae), Zootaxa 4792 (1), pp. 1-155: 14

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Conostigmus Dahlbom, 1858


Conostigmus Dahlbom, 1858  

Diagnosis. Antennae 11-merous in both sexes; male flagellomeres symmetrical (cylindrical) (also in D. punctipes   species group, which has Dendrocerus   -like ocellar ratios with POL greater than OOL and LOL, and D. penmaricus   group, which has maximum scape width greater than pedicel length); ocelli present in both sexes; males usually with an acute or equilateral ocellar triangle (POL equal to or less than LOL), with posterior ocelli that are closer to each other than to the compound eyes (POL less than OOL); apex of calcar bifid (with two bristles, refer to Mikó and Deans (2009)); wings present and fully-formed (macropterous) or reduced (brachypterous); fore wing with pterostigma; posterior end of notauli always adjacent to transscutal articulation; propodeal spine sometimes present but never bifurcated; ventral metasoma with S1 present; proximal margin of S9 with medial projection; male parossiculi independent or fused—1. Conostigmus Dahlbom, 1858