Anablepsoides origuelai, , Nielsen & Veiga, 2023

Nielsen, Dalton Tavares Bressane & Veiga, Renato Pastor, 2023, Validation of Anablepsoides origuelai, Nielsen & Veiga (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from rio Tapajós drainage, Amazon basin, Brazil, Zootaxa 5319 (2), pp. 293-294 : 293

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5319.2.11

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Anablepsoides origuelai

sp. nov.

Anablepsoides origuelai , new species

Holotype. ZUEC 17329 View Materials , 1 male, 25.6 mm SL: Brazil, Pará state, Santarém, Igarapé do Juá, tributary of rio Tapajós , 2º26’41’’S, 54º47’20’’W; Renato Pastor Veiga , 24 Feb 2019. GoogleMaps

Paratypes. ZUEC 17330 View Materials , 12 males, 22.1–27.2 mm SL (1 male, 23.3 mm SL, c&s), 6 females, 22.2–26.9 mm SL (1 female, 23.6 mm SL, c&S); same data as holotype GoogleMaps .

Diagnosis. Distinguished from all other species of the A. ornatus group by having the caudal fin in males with similar orange coloration on its dorsal and ventral portions, white spot on the upper margin (vs. distinct patterns and lacking white stripe at upper margin), and the presence of a longitudinal row of dark red dots on the ventral portion of the flank in males (vs. longitudinal row of dark red dots absent), lower number of caudal fin rays (21 vs. 23–26), lower number of vertebrae (27–28 vs. 29–31), lower caudal fin length (24.7–32.6% vs. 40.1–51.6% SL), and lower head with (54.0–61.5% vs. 73.0–79.6% HL) (in males), number of gill rakers (1+4 vs. 1+ 8 in A. ottonii , A. gamae , A. henschelae , 1+ 7 in A. ornatus and 1+ 3 in A. amanan ), and presence of a metallic yellow spot on top of the head (vs. absent), in both males and females. Additionally, the new species can be distinguished from congeners, except A. ottonii , by a larger dorsal fin (7.5–8.0%SL vs. 4.8–7.4% SL), and differs from other species in the group, except A. amanan , by a larger head depth (58.8–64.5% HL vs. 48.8– 59.9% HL), in females.

Etymology. Named in honor of Fabio Origuela Lira, environmentalist and archaeologist dedicated to the conservation of the Rivulidae .

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