Keilbachia americana,

Kauschke, Ellen, 2017, New Black Fungus Gnats (Diptera, Sciaridae) of North America. Part IV. Genera Eugnoriste Coquillett and Keilbachia Mohrig, Zootaxa 4319 (1), pp. 53-76: 67-68

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Keilbachia americana

sp. n.

Keilbachia americana  sp. n.

( FIg. 9View FIGURE 9 A –C)

Locus typicus: USA, Oregon, Multnomah County, Multnomah FallS . Holotype: Male, 26.vI.1974, leg. P. H. Arnaud ( PWMP). 

Paratypes: 1 male, 24.vI.1974, USA, Oregon, MarIon County, SIlver FallS State Park, North FallS , SIlver Creek, leg. P. H. Arnaud ( PWMP)  ; 1 male, 14.vII.1974, Canada, BrItISh ColombIa, GlacIer NatIonal Park, MountaIn Creek Camp ground, leg. P. H. Arnaud ( CAS)  .

Description. Male. Head. Eye brIdge 3 facetS wIde; antennae brown; 4th flagellomere wIth l/w-IndeX of 2.0, wIth haIrS aS long aS the dIameter; neck rather long. PalpuS 3-Segmented, the fIrSt Segment wIth one brIStle and wIthout SenSory pIt. Thorax. BrownISh, coXae and femora paler; Scutum wIth rather long haIrS; poSterIor pronotum bare. WIngS pale; R1 = 2/3 R; c = 2/3 w; y Shorter X; y wIth 1–2 macrotrIchIa; poSterIor wIng veInS weak, wIthout macrotrIchIa. Haltere Short, knobS brownISh. LegS Somewhat paler than thoraX; tIbIal organ of the fore tIbIae wIth a horSeShoe-lIke patch of brIStleS; SpurS of the mIddle and the hInd tIbIae longer than the apeX of the tIbIa wIde. ClawS wIthout teeth. Abdomen. HypopygIum wIthout an IntergonocoXal lobe or patch of brIStleS; the ventral Inner margIn of gonocoXIteS wIth SparSe and Short haIrS; gonoStyluS concaved at the Inner SIde, wIthout an apIcal tooth, but wIth one hyalIne SpIne and two long whIplaSh-lIke brIStleS; In the mIddle of the Inner SIde wIth a rather Short and Strong SpIne on a large baSe, curved upwardS. Tegmen trapezoId, Shouldered wIth fIne teeth and a rather long aedeaguS. Body length: 2.0 mm.

Comments. The SpecIeS IS characterIzed by the abSence of an apIcal tooth on the gonoStyluS. InStead It bearS SubapIcally one hyalIne SpIne and two long whIplaSh-haIrS aS well aS a rather Short and Strong SpIne at the Inner SIde wIth a large baSe wIthIn the Inner concavIty.

Distribution. USA (Oregon); Canada (BrItISh ColombIa).


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