Calymperes afzelli Sw.

Oliveira, Regigláucia Rodrigues de, Oliveira, Hermeson Cassiano de, Fernandes Peralta, Denilson & Mendes da Coceição, Gonçalo, 2018, Acrocarpic mosses (Bryophyta) of Chapada das Mesas National Park, Maranhão, Brazil, Check List 14 (6), pp. 967-975: 971

publication ID 10.15560/14.6.967

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Calymperes afzelli Sw.


Calymperes afzelli Sw.   ( Fig. 7)

Recognized by cancellinae ending in acute angles, costae percurrent to long-excurrent, spiny-papillose costa on adaxial surface, many propagules at the tip of costa.

Habitat: rocks. Brazilian range: AC, AM, AP, RO, RR, TO, BA, PB, PE, MS, MT, ES, RJ, SP, SC.