Typhonoya Prozorov, 2011

Prozorov, Alexey M., Prozorova, Tatiana A., Mapilanga, Jean Joseph, Hausmann, Axel, Müller, Günter C., Yakovlev, Roman V., Volkova, Julia S. & Zolotuhin, Vadim V., 2021, A new species of Typhonoya Prozorov (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae, Lasiocampinae, Gastropachini) from the moist broadleaf forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zootaxa 5067 (3), pp. 417-428 : 418

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Typhonoya Prozorov


Notes on Typhonoya Prozorov

Imago. Head. Antennae bipectinate, pectination gradually shortening in length until tip ( Fig. 2 View FIGURES 1–6 ). Eyes loosely short haired. Labial palps three segmented, third segment about half as long as second segment ( Figs 1, 3 View FIGURES 1–6 ). Maxillary palps thin, elongated ( T. kravchenkoi maxillary palps significantly longer than of T. longipennis , Fig. 1 View FIGURES 1–6 ). Legs. The tibial spur formula is 0-2-2 ( Figs 4–5 View FIGURES 1–6 ). Epiphysis claw-shaped, almost three fourth of tibia in length. Distitarsus bears apical pair of long chaetae ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 1–6 ). Venation. Both species almost similar in vein scheme, overall the venation is typical of Gastropachini ( Figs 7–10 View FIGURES 7–10 ). Hind wing additional cell size almost of R-Cu cell; two to four humeral veins; CuP absent. Resting pose. Resembles other Gastropachini ( Figs 11–13 View FIGURES 11–13 ). Labial palps forward directed, stretched. Antennae backward directed, placed laterally along thorax. Thoracic spackle pattern clearly visible ( Fig. 13b View FIGURES 11–13 ). Forewings form a pointed “tent” above abdomen, tornal scales turned upward, like a fan ( Fig. 13a View FIGURES 11–13 ). Hindwings moved out laterally until about Rs. Long abdominal scales protrude from hind wings.