Oribatellidae Jacot, 1925

Bolger, Thomas, 2017, Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) recorded from Ireland: Catalogue, historical records, species habitats and geographical distribution, combinations, variations and synonyms, Zootaxa 4328 (1), pp. 1-174: 132-134

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Oribatellidae Jacot, 1925


Family Oribatellidae Jacot, 1925  

Ophidiotrichus Grandjean, 1953  

· Ophidiotrichus tectus (Michael, 1884)  

· Original name: Oribata tectus Michael, 1884   .

· In: British Oribatidae, Vols. I   and II. Ray Soc., London. 656 pp.

· Synonyms: Oribata connexa Berlese, 1904   ; Notaspis borussicus Sellnick, 1908   ; Tectoribates connexus var. borussicus Sellnick, 1928   (sec. homonym); Joelia connexa var. borussica (Sellnick, 1928)   (sec. homonym); Ophidiotrichus borrussicus (Sellnick) Kunst, 1961   ; Tectoribates connexus (Berlese) Tarman, 1973   ; Ophidiotrichus connexus (Berlese) Tarman, 1977   .

Irish Reference/s and Habitat/s: moss in canopy in Sitka spruce forest (Arroyo et al. 2009b); Machair grassland (Arroyo and Bolger 2011); soil in Sitka spruce forests, moss on soil in oak and Sitka spruce forest and moss in canopy in Scots pine forest (Arroyo et al. 2012, 2013b);

Counties: Cork, Kerry, Laois, Mayo and Wicklow.  

Oribatella Banks, 1895  

· Oribatella berlesei (Michael, 1898)  

· Original name: Oribata berlesei Michael, 1898   .

· In: Das Tierreich, 3.

· Historical combinations/variations: Oribatella (Oribatella) berlesei (Michael) Subías, 2004   . Irish Reference/s and Habitat/s: Fungal sporocarps (O’Connell 1994). Counties: Kilkenny.

· Oribatella calcarata (C.L. Koch, 1835)   *

· Original name: Oribata calcarata C.L. Koch, 1835   .

· In: Deutschlands Crustaceen, Myriapoden und Arachniden, 2(13).

· Historical combinations/variations: Oribatella (Oribatella) calcarata (C.L. Koch) Subías, 2004   .

· Synonyms: Oribatella decumana Berlese, 1910   .

Irish Reference/s and Habitat/s: Agricultural grassland (Curry 1973, 1976; Purvis 1978); gorse bank at seashore (Purvis 1982); soil in Monterey pine and Lawson cypress forest (unpublished data), fungal sporocarps (unpublished data); woodland (unpublished data).

Counties: Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Wexford and Wicklow.  

· Oribatella quadricornuta (Michael, 1880)   *

· Original name: Oribata quadricornuta Michael 1880   .

· In: Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, 3.

· Historical combinations/variations: Notaspis quadricornutus (Michael) Oudemans 1900   ; Notaspis quadricornuta (Michael) Oudemans, 1902   ; Oribatella (Oribatella) quadricornuta (Michael) Subías, 2004   .

· Synonyms: Oribata quadricuspis Grube, 1859   “sp. inq.”; Oribates flammula sensu Oudemans, 1896   non C.L. Koch, 1839 “sp.inq.” [misidentification]; Oribatella calcarata sensu Willmann, 1931   “sp. inq.” [misidentification].

Irish Reference/s and Habitat/s: Gorse and under stones on the sea shore (Halbert 1915, 1920); agricultural grassland (Valarasan 1971; Arroyo et al. 2015); bog, grassland, heather and shelter belt on peat (Longworth 1973); acid peat bog (Behan-Pelletier and Hill 1983); soil and moss on soil in Sitka spruce forest (Arroyo and Bolger 2007); Machair fixed (stable) dunes and fore dunes and Machair grassland (Arroyo and Bolger 2011); moss on soil in Scots pine and Sitka spruce forests, moss in canopy in oak and Sitka spruce forests and canopy in Sitka spruce forests (Arroyo et al. 2012, 2013b); riparian habitat (unpublished data); canopy in ash and Sitka spruce forests (unpublished data).

Counties: Dublin, Clare, Cork, Galway, Kildare, Laois, Limerick, Mayo, Offaly, Roscommon and Wicklow.

· Oribatella superbula (Berlese, 1904)   *

· Original name: Oribata superbula Berlese, 1904   .

· In: Redia   , 2, 10–32.

· Historical combinations/variations: Oribatella (Oribatella) superbula (Berlese) Subías, 2004   .

· Synonyms: Oribatella meridionalis Berlese, 1908   .

Irish Reference/s and Habitat/s: Fungal sporocarps (O’Connell 1994); soil from Norway spruce forest (Heneghan 1994; Heneghan and Bolger 1996).

Counties: Kilkenny.