Turienzo, Paola & Iorio, Osvaldo Di, 2008, Insects found in birds’ nests from Argentina: Anumbius annumbi (Vieillot, 1817) (Aves: Furnariidae), Zootaxa 1871, pp. 1-55: 38

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Trogoderma   sp. 1

Adults of this species, which have long black larvae with an orange head, have bands of whitish hairs on the elytra. The species was found in nests of A. annumbi   during autumn, winter, and before the end of summer ( Table 2), always in low numbers. It appears identical to the undetermined species of Trogoderma   found in the nest of a Furnariidae   bird from Neuquén: Auca Mahuida ( Turienzo & Di Iorio 2007).

This species is also distributed in Argentina: La Rioja   : Patquía, 2 exx. ( MACN); Córdoba: Los Cocos, Col. A. Stevenin ( MACN); Santa Fe: Grondona, Col. A. Stevenin, 1 ex. ( MACN); Buenos Aires: [without locality], Col. A. Stevenin, 2 exx. ( MACN); Capital Federal, 6 -XII- 1920, Col. A. Frers, 1 ex. ( MACN), “en los ba- / ñados de / Palermo [handwritten by Frers]; Capital, XII- 1991, E. Maury leg., 3 exx. ( MACN); Neuquén: “Rº Collón-Curá, Ea. Corr. Piedra (650 m. s.n.m.)”, 3 -XII- 1969, M. Gentili leg., 1 ex. ( MACN).


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