Dolerocypris ikeyai Smith and Kamiya, 2006

Smith, Robin James, Lee, Jimin & Chang, Cheon Young, 2014, Nonmarine Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Jeju Island, South Korea, including descriptions of two new species, Journal of Natural History 49 (1), pp. 37-76: 64-65

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2014.946110


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Dolerocypris ikeyai Smith and Kamiya, 2006


Dolerocypris ikeyai Smith and Kamiya, 2006  


This species is currently known from Japan and Korea. It is a typical inhabitant of groundwater discharge at the surface, usually in small springs and seeps with a muddy substrate (Smith and Kamiya 2006; Smith 2011; Chang et al. 2012; this study). A total of three specimens were found at two localities (localities 2 and 33) in springs and seeps during our surveys. Currently, males are only known from two small Japanese islands (Smith and Kamiya 2006; Smith 2011); the specimens from Jeju Island are all females, but the three specimens collected are not sufficient in number to determine the reproductive mode of the population.