Strandesia flavescens Klie, 1932

Smith, Robin James, Lee, Jimin & Chang, Cheon Young, 2014, Nonmarine Ostracoda (Crustacea) from Jeju Island, South Korea, including descriptions of two new species, Journal of Natural History 49 (1), pp. 37-76: 60

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Strandesia flavescens Klie, 1932


Strandesia flavescens Klie, 1932  

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Since Klie’ s (1932) original description of this large (length approximately 2 mm), conspicuous species from Indonesia, it has only been reported twice more, from India ( Victor and Fernando 1979b) and Taiwan ( Yu et al. 2009, citing grey literature). Victor and Fernando (1979a) were of the opinion that S. flavescens   is a junior synonym of Strandesia odiosa ( Moniez 1892)   , after they redescribed the types of S. odiosa   , although this was not followed by later authors (e.g. Savatenalinton and Martens 2010). The slightly lower lateral view of the carapace and the list on the anterior calcified inner lamella of the left valve (marked by black triangle 1 on Figure 9A View Figure 9 ) of S. flavescens   discriminate the two species. Additionally, S. flavescens   has a series of septa-like structures in the internal part of the margins of the left valve (marked with black triangle 2 of Figure 9A View Figure 9 ), which are not mentioned or figured in Victor and Fernando’ s redescription of S. odiosa   . Because Victor and Fernando (1979a) considered the two species as synonyms, is not clear whether the previous Indian report is of S. flavescens   or S. odiosa   . Only one specimen of this species was collected during our surveys, from a lotus pond (locality 6).