Boreantrops emarginatus

Kits, Joel H. & Marshall, Stephen A., 2015, A revision of Boreantrops Kits & Marshall (Diptera: Sphaeroceridae: Archiborborinae), Zootaxa 3915 (3), pp. 301-355: 334

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Boreantrops emarginatus


Boreantrops emarginatus   group

This group of 12 species includes most of the remaining species in the genus. Members of the group are characterized by the structure of the male epandrium, which extends medially between the anal opening and the cerci (the cerci are immediately below the anal opening in the B. mexicanus   group). In some species, these extensions of the epandrium are not fused medially, creating a keyhole-shaped anal opening.

Some of the species in this group are readily identifiable based on external characters. Others require examination of the male internal genitalia for separation. For example, B. pollex   sp. nov. and B. punctipennis   sp. nov. form a distinctive species pair in the group but are only distinguished from each other based on male genitalic characters. As well, a group consisting of B. boliviensis   sp. nov., B. calceata   , B. challabamba   sp. nov., B. subemarginatus   sp. nov., B. wayqecha   sp. nov., and B. zamora   sp. nov. have only subtle external differences and are best separated based on male internal genitalia.