Neurolyga Rondani, 1840,

Jaschhof, Mathias & Jaschhof, Catrin, 2020, An update of Micromyinae (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) taxonomy, with descriptions of a new genus and 13 new species from Northern Europe, Zootaxa 4750 (3), pp. 349-369: 360

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Neurolyga Rondani, 1840


Neurolyga Rondani, 1840 

This Holarctic genus of previously 25 extant species was last revised by Jaschhof & Jaschhof (2009: 123 ff.) with a focus on Fennoscandia. Since then, our taxonomic inventory of the Micromyinae  in Sweden has revealed another five unnamed Neurolyga  , of which two are described here, while the rest must be shelved for the time being due to insufficient specimens. Neurolyga  is a well-defined genus of the tribe Campylomyzini  ( Jaschhof & Jaschhof 2009: 123 f.). The diversity found in male genitalic structures was once used for subdividing the genus into several species groups ( Jaschhof 1998), a practice later abandoned due to the discovery of species with intermediate character distributions ( Jaschhof & Jaschhof 2009). The genus includes many rarely collected species, an observation corroborated by the two species described here.