Agrilus occultus, Jendek & Nakládal, 2019

Jendek, Eduard & Nakládal, Oto, 2019, Revision of the Agrilus vittatus species-group (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Agrilinae), Zootaxa 4629 (1), pp. 77-95: 82-83

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Agrilus occultus


Agrilus occultus   sp.nov.

( Figs. 2A View FIGURES 2 , 3G View FIGURES 3 , 5E, 5F View FIGURES 5 )

Description of holotype. Size: 4.9 mm. Body dorsally dark-green; eyes slightly smaller than width of vertex (dorsal view); frons golden bluish-green; pronotum widest at anterior margin, anterior pronotal lobe very weak; elytra without pubescent stripes, glabrous; elytral apices separately shallowly rounded with denticulate margin; prosternal lobe large and arcuate; metasternal projection impressed.

Variability. Body length: 3.9–5 mm; color of paratypes violet-black, bronze-green or dark-green; elytra glabrous or with vestigial perisutural strips in apical third; elytral apices separately deeply rounded. Diagnosis. The species is homomorphic with A. babaulti   and A. viridicupreus   from which it can be distinguished only by the shape of medial lobe (penis) of aedeagus which is narrowly rounded or subacuminate at apex ( Figs. 3G View FIGURES 3 , 5E, 5F View FIGURES 5 ).

T ype material. Type locality: Laos North, Phongsaly province, 21°41’-2’N, 102°06’-08’E, Phongsaly env., altitude 1500m. Type specimens. Holotype ♂ (EJCB): “Lao-N, Phongsaly prov., 21°41’-2’N, 102°06’-08’E, Phon- gsaly env.,, 1500m, P. Pacholátko leg.” GoogleMaps   . Paratypes. LAOS. Houaphan. “Laos-NE, Hua Phan Province, Ban Saleui, Phou Pan ( Mt ), 20°12’N, 104°01’E, 1-31.v.2011, 1300-1900m, leg. C. Holzschuh ” 1 ♂ PT, 1 ♀ PT ( EJCB) GoogleMaps   . THAILAND. Chiang Mai. “NW Thailand, 19-23, Chiang Mai, 4.1991, Doi Suthep to Doi Pui, J. Horák leg.” 1 ♂ PT ( EJCB)   . Mae Hong Son. “NW Thailand, 19.19N, 97.59E, Mae Hong Son, 1991, Ban Huai Po, 1600-2000m, 30.iv.-5.v., L. Dembický leg.” 1 ♂ PT ( EJCB) GoogleMaps   . Thai 10-13/5.1993, 19°27’N, 98°20’E, Soppong, 1550 m, Vít Kubáň leg.” 2 ♂ PT ( EJCB) GoogleMaps   . “ Thailand , 1- 8.5.1993, Soppong-Pai, 1800 m, Pacholátko & Dembický leg.” 1 ♂ PT ( EJCB)   .

Distribution. LAOS: Houaphan, Phôngsali; THAILAND: Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son.

Host plant. Unknown.

Etymology. The specific name is derived from the Latin adjective occultus   (difficult to see) which refers to the species homomorphy (see Diagnosis).