Jinbrianax Lee, Satô, and Yang, 1999

Shepard, William D. & Sites, Robert W., 2019, Larval Psephenidae (Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea) of Thailand: Annotated List and Illustrated Key to Genera, The Coleopterists Bulletin 73 (2), pp. 259-282 : 263-264

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https://doi.org/ 10.1649/0010-065X-73.2.259

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Jinbrianax Lee, Satô, and Yang, 1999


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Discussion. Currently, Jinbrianax comprises nine species distributed from Nepal and Thailand east to China, southeast through Laos and Vietnam, and south through Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippine Islands. In Thailand, Jinbrianax metallicus ( Pic, 1922) and Jinbrianax schillhammeri Lee, Satô, and Yang, 1999 are been reported from Banna nr. Nabon, and Trang Province: Khao Chong Bot and Khao Pu-Khao Ya National Parks ( Lee et al. 2000b; Lee 2016).

Material Examined. Chaiyaphum Province: Phu Kheio Wld. Sanct. , 12 III 1994, Nam Prom (WDS-A-1037 on reverse), William D. Shepard, leg. (2L); Phu Khieo Wld. Sanct., trib. to Huai Prom Mai, 5 IV 1994, (WDS-A-1054 on reverse), William D. Shepard, leg. (1L) . Chiang Mai Province: creek @ Chiang Dao Wildlife Research Center , 520 masl, 19°21’N 98°55’E, 24 VII 2003, coll. Arthit (2L) GoogleMaps . Chumphon Province: Namtok Huay Khom , 9°53’N 98°51’E, 13 X 1994, G. W. Courtney (1L) GoogleMaps . Kamphaeng Phet Province: Klong Lan National Park, Namtok Klang Lan, 310 masl, 16°07’N 99°16’E, 29 IV 2004, coll. Arthit (1L); Khlong Lan National Park , Phetcha Khor Waterfall , 16°17’N 99°14’E, 7 April 2003, L-452, Sites, Vitheepradit, Hin Rongkla National Park, Namtok Romglao, 1190 m, 16°59’N 101°00’E, no date, CMU team (5L); same data except 28 IX 2002 (2L); same data except 20 VII 2002 (2L) GoogleMaps ; Phrae Province: Wieng Ko Sai National Park, Namtok Maekueng, tier 1, 350 m, 17°58’N 99°35’E, CMU team (1 L); same data except tier 7, 430 m, 22.vii.2002 (1L); same data except 25.viii.2002 (20L); same locality except Namtok Punjane (lower), 285 m, 17°57’N 99°34’E, 24 Aug 2002, CMU team (1L) GoogleMaps . Trang Province: Amphur Huai Yot, Namtok Ton Klan Tharnnarin , 125 m, 07°46’N 99°40’E, L-385, Vitheepradit, Karawanich (1L) GoogleMaps .

Prommi, Setaphan (1L). Petchabun Province: Phu Khieo Wld. Sanct. , 4 IV 1994, Nam Prom (WDS-A- 1053 on reverse), William D. Shepard, leg. (1L) ; 2 km WNW Pha Biat , 5 IV 1994, Tup Low (springrun) (WDS-A-1055 on reverse), William D. Shepard, leg. (1L) ; Nam Nao Nat. Park , 22 III 1994, Prom Laeng (WDS-A-1040 on reverse), William D. Shepard, leg. (3L) . Phayao Province: Doi Luang N. P., Nam Tok Cham Pa Thong , 620 m, 19°3’N 99°44’E, 17 March 2002, L-300, Sites, Vitheepradit, Kirawanich (2L) GoogleMaps . Phitsanulok Province: Phu


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