Tyrannidectes Mironov

Barreto, Mauricio, Burbano, María E., Proctor, Heather C., Mironov, Serge V. & Wauthy, Georges, 2012, Feather mites (Acariformes: Psoroptidia) from Colombia: Preliminary list with new records 3516, Zootaxa 3516, pp. 1-68 : 23-24

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Tyrannidectes Mironov


Genus Tyrannidectes Mironov

Tyrannidectes crassus (Trouessart, 1885)

Hosts and distribution. This species was described ex Cyanocorax chrysops (Vieillot) ( C. pileatus in original publication) ( Passeriformes : Corvidae ) from “ Nouvelle-Grenade ” ( Trouessart 1885a), one of old names used for Colombia including Panama and parts of Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Later on, it was recovered from the same host in Paraguay (Río Paraguay) ( Valim & Hernandes 2008).

Remark. Although the host of this species was identified as C. chrysops , according to Clements et al. (2011) this bird species is restricted to Brazil and other countries south of the Amazon, therefore it is probable that T. crassus was described from another Cyanocorax sp.

Tyrannidectes sp.

Material examined. Ex Myiophobus fasciatus (Müller) ( Passeriformes : Tyrannidae ): 1 male, Dept. Tolima: Casabianca, Palma Peñita, (5° 4' 10.9'' N, 75° 6' 5.8'' W), 9 May 2008, coll. M. Díaz, C. Gómez & Y. Molina, capture code TOL 5-II-05.