Montesauria caerulea Constantinescu, 2018

Constantinescu, Ioana Cristina, Popa, Oana Paula, Popa, Luis Ovidiu, Cobzaru, Ioana, Mukhim, D. Khlur B. & Adam, Costică, 2018, Two new feather mite species of the genus Montesauria Oudemans (Analgoidea: Proctophyllodidae) from thrushes (Passeriformes: Turdidae) in the Indian Subcontinent, Acarologia 58 (4), pp. 881-896 : 888

publication ID 10.24349/acarologia/20184294


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Montesauria caerulea Constantinescu

sp. n.

Montesauria caerulea Constantinescu sp. n. ( Figs. 5–8 View Figure 5 View Figure 6 View Figure 7 View Figure 8 )

Zoobank: 26BD4193-539F-4C7E-A27B-A7972AB8AD43

Type material — Holotype male and 22 paratypes (11 males and 11 females), from Myophonus caeruleus (Scopoli, 1786) ( Passeriformes : Turdidae ), India, Meghalaya, Jaintia Hills, Shnongrim village , 25°21’12.36”N, 92°31’3.06”E, 22 Jan. 2014, 1151 m, subtropical forest, collector D. K. B. Mukhim.

Type deposition — Holotype male (ANA 1395), 11 males (ANA1388–1394, ANA1396–

1397, ANA1436 B1, ANA1438 B3) and 11 females (ANA1398–1407, ANA1441 B5) paratypes in MGAB collection.

Etymology — The species epithet is taken from the species name of the type host and is an adjective.


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