Montesauria hernandesi, Constantinescu & Popa & Popa & Cobzaru & Mukhim & Adam, 2018

Constantinescu, Ioana Cristina, Popa, Oana Paula, Popa, Luis Ovidiu, Cobzaru, Ioana, Mukhim, D. Khlur B. & Adam, Costică, 2018, Two new feather mite species of the genus Montesauria Oudemans (Analgoidea: Proctophyllodidae) from thrushes (Passeriformes: Turdidae) in the Indian Subcontinent, Acarologia 58 (4), pp. 881-896 : 894

publication ID 10.24349/acarologia/20184294

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Montesauria hernandesi


Montesauria hernandesi

GenBank accession numbers for molecular voucher ANA1442 C 1 male MH746221 View Materials , ANA1443

C 2 male MH746222 View Materials , ANA1444 C 3 male MH746223 View Materials , ANA1445 C 4 female MH746224 View Materials ,

ANA1446 C 5 female MH746225 View Materials , ANA1447 C 6 female MH746226 View Materials .

In the resulted alignment of 482-pb fragment of the mitochondrial cytochrome C oxidase subunit I (COI) gene, we identified 5 polymorphic sites (three with singleton variable sites and two parsimony informative ones). Three haplotypes were identified: H1 (ANA1442 C1

male, ANA1446 C 5 female), H2 (ANA1443 C 2 male), H3 (ANA1444 C 3 male, ANA1445 C4

female, ANA1447 C 6 female). Intraspecific genetic distances between the analyzed specimens using K2P model is 0.5%. Also, all observed nucleotide substitutions were synonymous and did not have differences in the amino acid sequence.

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