Pseudoregma, Doncaster, 1966

Brumley, Cameron, 2020, A checklist and host catalogue of the aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) held in the Australian National Insect Collection, Zootaxa 4728 (4), pp. 575-600: 595

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Genus Pseudoregma   Doncaster

Pseudoregma panicola (Takahashi)  

NSW: Oplismenus hirtellus   ( Poaceae   ); QLD: present

Pseudoregma sundanica (van der Goot)  

QLD: Alpinia caerulea   ( Zingiberaceae   )*

Remarks: Listed on the Australian Faunal Directory as present in Australia based on ANIC and BMNH records but unpublished elsewhere ( ABRS 2019). Collections were made from a yellow pan trap at Bellenden Ker Range in 1981, col: G.B. Monteith, and from the listed host plant at Atherton in 1988, col: A. Irvine.