Gonzalez, Guillermo, Cotoras, Darko D. & Grez, Audrey A., 2020, Annotated list of island lady beetles from Chile (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), Zootaxa 4852 (5), pp. 501-526: 507

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Eriopis   sp. ( Brèthes, 1925) ( Fig 3m View FIGURE 3 ).

Examined material: 1 ex. (female) “ Chile, Isla de San Ambrosio, 31-08-2018, leg. María José Vilches ” “SANAM-F29-N2” ( CPDC); 1 ex. (female), same collection information, except by “ 10-9-2018 ” “MANTA S-4” ( CPDC)   .

Original reference: First record of a species of Coccinellidae   for Islas Desventuradas.

Comments: The collection of only females does not allow to differentiate between three species of similar habitus present on the mainland: E. chilensis Hofmann   , E. loaensis González   and E. concordia González. It   is possible that the specimens were introduced from the continent or the Juan Fernández archipelago.

Summary: Given the high endemism levels on the vegetation of the island, it is expected that something similar would occur with the Coccinellidae   . However, the islands have been poorly entomologically prospected ( Kuschel 1963). Further collecting of males would be needed to recognize the only species known from the island.


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