Parastethorus histrio (Chazeau 1974)

Gonzalez, Guillermo, Cotoras, Darko D. & Grez, Audrey A., 2020, Annotated list of island lady beetles from Chile (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), Zootaxa 4852 (5), pp. 501-526: 510

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Parastethorus histrio (Chazeau 1974)


Parastethorus histrio (Chazeau 1974)   ( Fig 5d View FIGURE 5 ).

Examined material: 2 exx. “ Chile, Isla de Pascua, Hanga Roa, 27°9′24.6″ S 109°26′08.0″ W, 21-IV-2006, col. J. Mondaca ” ( MNHN) GoogleMaps   .

Original reference: González (2008): “ Isla de Pascua”.

Comments: The native distribution of the species is around the Indian Ocean, later introduced to South America as predator for spider mites ( Arachnida  : Tetranichydae). It is also present in Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Paraguay and Uruguay. In Chile is distributed between Arica and Valparaíso (González 2006), where it has been recorded as a predator of mite pests Panonychus citri (Mc. Gregor)   , Tetranychus urticae Kock   , Brevipalpus chilensis Baker   and Panonychus ulmi (Koch) ( Aguilera 1987)   .


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