Stictospilus darwini Brèthes, 1925, Brethes, 1925

Gonzalez, Guillermo, Cotoras, Darko D. & Grez, Audrey A., 2020, Annotated list of island lady beetles from Chile (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), Zootaxa 4852 (5), pp. 501-526: 514

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Stictospilus darwini Brèthes, 1925


Stictospilus darwini Brèthes, 1925   ( Fig 5l View FIGURE 5 ).

Examined material: 8 exx. “ Chile, Isla Tenglo, 03-10-2014, leg. A. Lüer” ( CALH).

Original reference: First record of this species for Isla Tenglo.

Comments: Abundant species throughout its distribution between the provinces of Valparaíso and Chiloé. Also present in Argentina (González 2006).

Summary: These are the first records of species of Coccinellidae   in Isla Tenglo. All six species are shared with the mainland Llanquihue province. Therefore, other species from that area are predicted to be also present on the island.