Peckhamia magna ( Bryant, 1943 ), Cala-Riquelme & Bustamante & Crews & Cutler, 2020

Cala-Riquelme, Franklyn, Bustamante, Abel A., Crews, Sarah C. & Cutler, Bruce, 2020, New species of Peckhamia Simon, 1900 (Salticidae: Dendryphantini: Synagelina) from the Greater Antilles, Zootaxa 4899 (1), pp. 141-160: 156

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Peckhamia magna ( Bryant, 1943 )

comb. nov.

Peckhamia magna ( Bryant, 1943)   comb. nov.

Figures 52–53 View FIGURE 49–55

Descanso magnus Bryant, 1943: 479   pl. 4, fig. 36 (Holotype ♀: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Cordillera Central : Jarabacoa, leg. Philip J. Darlington, Jr., 2.VII.1938, IZ-MCZ 21965 —examined).

Diagnosis. Female Peckhamia magna   comb. nov. ( Fig. 52 View FIGURE 49–55 ) can be distinguished from other Peckhamia   by having scattered white scales and the abdomen with a white stripe laterally.Additionally, female P. magna   comb. nov. ( Fig. 53 View FIGURE 49–55 ) can be distinguished by the CD with an ovoid coil (CD without an ovoid coil in P. areito   sp. nov. ( Fig. 7 View FIGURE 1–7 ), P. surcaribensis   sp. nov. ( Fig. 26 View FIGURE 20–26 ) and P. wesolowskae   sp. nov. ( Fig. 33 View FIGURE 27–33 )), and by the SS thinner than the CD (SS as wide as CD in P. espositoae   sp. nov. ( Fig. 14 View FIGURE 8–14 )).

Description. Female (Holotype, IZ-MCZ 21965). Coloration ( Fig. 52 View FIGURE 49–55 , in alcohol): Carapace dark brown, black in interocular region and black between anterior and lateral eyes, with scattered white scales. Chelicerae, endites, labium and sternum dark brown. Leg I dark brown to gray, leg II–IV brown to gray. Abdomen ventrally dark brown; dorsally dark brown, with white area over abdominal constriction, and posterior two thirds with white stripe laterally. Total length 4.83. Carapace 2.04 long, 1.29 wide, 0.78 high; 0.54 times longer than OQ. AER 1.08 wide, PER 1.32 wide. OQ length 1.11. Clypeus 0.12 high and lacking decoration. Sternum 0.72 long, 0.42 wide. Abdomen 2.64 long, longer than wide. Leg formula 4132; leg I: femur 0.96 long; patella 0.54 wide. Genitalia ( Fig. 53 View FIGURE 49–55 ): WE occupying much more than 1/2 of epigynal plate; CD ovoid coil; SS longer than wide; PS thinner than CD; FD distant from CD, and close to SS; BG depressed or superficial.

Other material examined. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Santiago Rodriguez: Mata Grande, National Park Armando Bermudez , 19.1896893°N, 71.0012313°W, leg. A. Deler-Hernández, 26.VIII.2014 (beating in rainforest), 1♀ (ICN-Ar-12874) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution. Only known from Cordillera   Central and Santiago Rodriguez ( Fig. 56 View FIGURES 56 ).














Peckhamia magna ( Bryant, 1943 )

Cala-Riquelme, Franklyn, Bustamante, Abel A., Crews, Sarah C. & Cutler, Bruce 2020

Descanso magnus

Bryant, E. B. 1943: 479