Panicum novemnerve Stapf

Vorontsova, Maria S., 2018, Revision of the group previously known as Panicum L. (Poaceae: Panicoideae) in Madagascar, Candollea 73 (2), pp. 143-186 : 169

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Panicum novemnerve Stapf


20. Panicum novemnerve Stapf View in CoL in Oliv. et al., Fl. Trop. Afr. 9(4): 702. 1920.

Lectotypus (designated here): ZIMBABWE. Prov. Mashonaland: Salisbury [ Harare ], I.1909, Allen 692 ( K [ K000282456 ]!; isolectotype: K [ K000282457 ]!) . Syntypi: ZIMBABWE. Prov. Mashonaland: Harare , I.1909, Craster 27 ( K [ K000282454 ]!); N Mazowe District , 1912, Mundy s.n. ( K [ K000282455 ]!) . Prov. Bulawayo: Buluwayo and Matoppo Hills , s.d., Appleton 6 ( K [ K000282458 ]!) .

Ascending annual, in diffuse tufts, 30 –60 cm tall, with densely pilose stems and nodes. Leaf sheaths pilose with bulbous based hairs. Ligule a ciliolate membrane. Leaf blades linear to linear-lanceolate, flat, chartaceous, 4–20 × 0.4–1.2 cm, drying yellow-green, with bulbous based hairs towards the base on both sides with bulbous based hairs towards the base on both sides, and on the lower parts of the margin. Panicles terminal, partly exserted, 10–20 cm long, effuse, the branches ascending, scabrous, the pedicels 1.5–10 mm long. Spikelets ovate, apically acuminate, 2–2.5 mm long, brown to purple, gaping open at maturity. Lower glume c. ½as long as the spikelet, apically long-acuminate, 5-veined, glabrous, clasping. Upper glume as long as the spikelet, herbaceous, 7–9-veined, glabrous. Lower floret barren, with a reduced palea. Lower lemma herbaceous, 9-veined, glabrous. Upper lemma 1.7–1.8 mm long, shorter than the lower floret, smooth, shiny, pale.

Distribution and ecology. – This Southern African species is known from only a few records in dry southern Madagascar, in clearings and secondary vegetation; elevation not recorded ( Fig. 10A View Fig ).

Notes. – Recognised by its annual habit, 5-veined lower glume, and prominent bulbous-based hairs on the leaf sheaths.

The lectotype collection is chosen for its best original material; sheet K [ K000282456 ] includes original drawings of the spikelet and annotations by Stapf.

This species is illustrated in BOSSER (1969: Fig. 123a-d).

Additional material examined. – MADAGASCAR. Prov. Fianarantsoa: Ranohira , II.1956, Bosser 9024 ( TAN) ; Horombe , XII.1951, Paulian 10 ( TAN) . Prov. Toliara: Betroka , I.1952, Bosser 2492 ( P [ P03123770 ], TAN) ; clairières du plateau Mahafaly , 16.III.1962, Bosser & Viennot 16067 ( P [ P02307400 ], TAN) ; Betroka , 1954, Paulian s.n. ( TAN) ; Herb. Stat. Antianidienne Betioky , 15.II.1962, Tetefort 12 ( P [ P03123781 ]) .


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