Quedius (Raphirus) ortrudae, Korge, 1971

Assing, Volker, 2018, On the taxonomy and zoogeography of some West Palaearctic Quedius species, with a focus on the East Mediterranean and the species allied to Quedius umbrinus and Q. nivicola (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 50 (1), pp. 149-182: 168-174

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Quedius (Raphirus) ortrudae


Quedius (Raphirus) ortrudae   KORGE, 1971 ( Figs 40-49 View Figs 33-42 View Figs 43-52 , Map 4 View Map 4 )

T y p e m a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Holotype ♂ [dissected prior to present study; median lobe of aedeagus somewhat damaged]: " Anatolia bor., Heinz leg. / Pass 1800 m, nördl. Koyulhisar, 24.VII.1967 / ♂ - Holotypus Quedius ortrudae Korge   / Quedius ortrudae Korge   , det. V. Assing 2018 " ( MNB)   . Paratype ♀: same data as holotype ( MNB)   .

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Greece: I k a r í a: 1♂, NNE Pezi, Prof. Ilias, 37°35'N, 26°04'E, 570 m, stream valley, litter and ivy under Arbutus sifted, 12.IV.2017, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   S a m o s: 2♀♀, Samos , SE Agios Konstantinos, Oros Ambelos : N-slope, 37°45'N, 26°51'E, 910 m, N-slope with old pine, litter and grass sifted, 4.IV.2015, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, SSW Agios Konstantinos, Oros Ambelos: N-slope, 37°47'N, 26°49'E, 940 m, grassy clearing with Quercus ilex, litter and grass beneath Quercus ilex sifted, 15.IV.2017, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   K o s: 1♀, 3 km ENE Pili, 36°51'N, 27°11'E, 120 m, oak and bushes in abandone d arable land, litter sifted, 27.XII.2016, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   Turkey: K a s t a m o n u: 1♂, 1♀, North slope of Ilgaz Dağı , 1300 m, pitfall trap, 10.VII.1973, leg. Heinz ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Ilgaz Dağı , steppe side, 1900 m, 21-27.V.1987, leg. Korge ( MNB)   ; 1♀, road Tosya to Kastamonu, Ilgaz Dağı, 1300-1500 m, 12.VII.1973, leg. Heinz ( MNB). S a m s u n: 1♂, 33 km SW Samsun, road Kavak to Asarcık , 7 km SE Kavak, 41°03'N, 36°07'E, 470 m, Quercus-Carpinus forest , litter sifted, 20.VII.2008, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2♂♂, 31 km NE Havza , 41°12'N, 35°52'E, 670 m, beech forest, 19.VII.2008, leg. Schülke ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 2♂♂, 1♀, 21 km NNE Havza, 41°09'N, 35°45'E, 950 m, Quercus-Carpinus forest , 19.VII.2008, leg. Schülke ( MNB, cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 40 km W Samsun, 41°16'N, 35°52'E, 890 m, beech forest, 21.VII.2008, leg. Schülke ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 33 km SW Samsun, 7 km SE Kavak , 41°03'N, 36°07'E, 470 m, 20.VII.2008, leg. Schülke ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Ladik env., Aslantaş , 1000 m, pitfall trap, VI-VII.1973, leg. Heinz ( MNB). T o k a t: 1♂, 16 km ENE Tokat, 40°22'N, 36°44'E, 915 m, mixed deciduous forest, 16.VII.2008, leg. Schülke ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, 20 km ENE Tokat, 40°22'N, 36°47'E, 1000 m, Quercus-Carpinus forest , 16.VII.2008, leg. Schülke ( MNB). GoogleMaps   Ç o r u m: 1♂, 1♀, pass N Iskilip, 1500-1800 m, 13.VII.1969, leg. Heinz ( MNB). GoogleMaps   S i v a s: 2♂♂ [teneral], 1♀, 19 km W Suşehri, Karabay Geçidi, 40°10'N, 37°52'E, 1800 m, mixed deciduous forest (Quercus, Fagus, Acer), litter sifted, 17.VII.2008, leg. Assing & Schülke (cAss, MNB). GoogleMaps   O r d u: 1♂, 25 km SSE Gölköy, 40°29'N, 37°43'E, 980 m, N-slope with bushes, dry litter sifted, 14.VII.2008, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   A m a s y a: 1♀, Borabay gölü env., Ak Dağı, 1300 m, 10.VIII.1978, leg. Heinz ( MNB). E r z u r u m: 1♀, Horasan env., Tahir Geçidi, 2100 m, 28.VII.1968, leg. Heinz ( MNB). GoogleMaps   A y d ı n: 1♀, Dilek Dağı, Kanyon, 37°41'N, 27°10'E, 70- 200 m, 29.IV.2006, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, Dilek Dağı, 37°41'N, 27°09'E, 10 m, 27.IV.2006, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss). GoogleMaps   A f y o n: 1♂, 1♀, Sultan Dağları , 15 km SE Çay, 38°32'N, 31°11'E, 1430 m, oak forest, litter and bark sifted, 18.IV.2011, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Emir Dağları, 20 km S Emirdağ, 38°54'N, 31°08'E, 1230 m, N-slope with oak, 18.IV.2011, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   B u r d u r: 2♀♀, 17 km SE Burdur, N Çeltikçi Geçidi, 37°36'N, 30°24'E, 1260 m, 16.II.2011, leg. Schülke ( MNB). GoogleMaps   I s p a r t a: 1♂, 12 km N Sütçüler , 37°36'N, 30°59'E, 1100 m, oak forest, litter and grass, mostly between stone s, sifted, 26.IV.2011, leg. Assing (cAss). A n t a l y a: 2♀♀, road from Antalya to Saklikent , 1000 m, pine forest, 11.V.2000, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2♂♂, Killik env., cave entrance, 780 m, 2-4.VI.2003, leg. Lohaj ( MNB)   ; 1♂, Bey Dağ, Kizlar Sivris Tepe , 36°35'N, 30°06'E, 2300-2700 m, leg. Marggi (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2♂♂, 8 km NNW Akseki , 37°07'N, 31°46'E, 1220 m, pine and fir forest, 14.II.2011, leg. Schülke ( MNB, cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 32 km NW Alanya , 36°46'N, 31°46'E, 400 m, 18.II.2011, leg. Schülke ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Anamur env., Abanoz, 36°21'N, 32°56'E, 1240 m, 19.V.2000, leg. Meybohm (cAss). GoogleMaps   K o n y a: 2♂♂, 1♀, Sultan Dağları , NW Dereçine , 38°29'N, 31°15'E, 1320 m, oak forest, litter sifted, 21.IV.2011, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Sultan Dağları, SW Sultandağı , 38°30'N, 31°12'E, 1730 m, 19.IV.2008, leg. Meybohm & Brachat (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Seydeşehir , cave, 5-6.VI.2003, leg. Lohaj ( MNB)   ; 1♀, W Hadım, Korualan - Geynebeli Geçidi , 36°59'N, 32°21'E, 20.IV.2008, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss). GoogleMaps   M e r s i n: 1♂, ca. 25 km NW Erdemli, 1150 m, 36°33'N, 34°10'E, 1150 m, oak litter, 29.XII.2000, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 30 km NW Erdemli, S Yağda, 36°44'N, 34°03'E, 1310 m, Abies forest , 29.XII.2000, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, NW Tarsus, Çamlıyayla, 37°09'N, 34°37'E, 1190 m, 23-24.IV.2005, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss). GoogleMaps   A d a n a: 1♂, 1♀, Akkaya , 8 km S Feke, 37°46'N, 35°54'E, 760 m, 21.IV.2011, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, 21 km W Feke, road to Mansurlu , 37°51'N, 35°46'E, 965 m, 22.IV.2011, leg. Meybohm & Brachat (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, N Osmaniye, Karatepe National Park, 37°17'N, 36°14'E, 200 m, 28.XII.2000, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   K a h r a m a n m a r a ş: 1♀, Kahramanmaraş, 60 km SE Kahramanmaraş, Gani Dağı , 37°30'N, 37°25'E, 950 m, 21.III.2005, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, ca. 35 km SW Kahramanmaraş, Doluca , 37°22'N, 36°40'E, 1280 m, 27.IV.2004, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, pass N Tekir, S Göksun , 37°57'N, 36°34'E, 1400-1550 m, 25.IV.2004, leg. Besuchet (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, 4♀♀, 30 km W Kahramanmaraş, Başkonuş Yaylaşı , 37°34'N, 36°34'E, 1270 m, 27.IV.2004, leg. Besuchet (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, same data, but 28.IV.2004, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, W Kahramanmaraş, Başkonuş Yaylaşı , 37°34'N, 36°34'E, 1250 m, 5.V.2005, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Başkonuş Yaylaşı, 37°34'N, 36°34'E, 1250 m, 24.IV.2007, leg. Meybohm & Brachat (cAss). O s m a n i y e: 1♂, 1♀, Nur Dağları, Zorkun - Gökbel , 1500- 1700 m, 6-8.VIII.1971, leg. Heinz ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, NE Yarpuz, 37°04'N, 36°26'E, 920 m, alder litter sifted, 6.IV.2004, leg. Schülke ( MNB). GoogleMaps   H a t a y: 1♀, Nur Dağları, WSW Yeşilkent , 36°55'N, 36°19'E, 990 m, mixed deciduous forest, 28.XII.2000, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, 1♀, Nur Dağları , 9 km SE Iskenderun, 5 km NE Belen, 36°31'N, 36°15'E, 1240 m, oak and beech forest, 4.IV.2004, leg. Schülke ( MNB) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, W Antakya, Ziyaret Dağı, W Sungur , 36°00'N, 36°05'E, 760 m, 21.IV.2004, leg. Besuchet (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♂, 1♀, Ziyaret Dağı, W Şenköy , 36°01'N, 36°07'E, 750 m, 21.IV.2004, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Ziyaret Dağı, 36°00''N, 36°06'E, 21.IV.2004, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss). GoogleMaps   G a z i a n t e p: 1♂, Kartal Dağı, W Isikli , 37°08'N, 37°11'E, 820 m, 25.IV.2004, leg. Besuchet (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2♂♂, 3♀♀, 1 ex., Kartal Dağı, E Yamaçoba , 37°11'N, 37°08'E, 1070 m, north slope with oak, grass roots sifted, 9.IV.2004, leg. Schülke ( MNB, cAss). GoogleMaps   A d ı y a m a n: 1♀, 8 km N Narince, 37°56'N, 38°45'E, 1130 m, 24.III.2005, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2♀♀, 8 km NE Narince, 37°55'N, 38°49'E, 870 m, 24.III.2005, leg. Assing (cAss). GoogleMaps   Iraq: 3♂♂, 7♀♀, S Rawandoz , Akoian valley, ~ 36°30'N, 44°36'E, ~ 1400 m, pitfall trap, 17-25.IV.2017, leg. Reuter (cFel, cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, same data, but 14-22.XI.2004 (cFel) GoogleMaps   ; 6♂♂, 5♀♀, S Rawandoz , 36°30'N, 44°36'E, 1200-1400 m, pitfall trap, XI.2007 - III.2008, leg. Reuter (cFel, cAss) GoogleMaps   .

R e d e s c r i p t i o n: Body length 8.0-11.0 mm; length of forebody 3.8-4.8 mm. Coloration: head black; pronotum blackish, sometimes with the margins narrowly paler (particularly in material from North Turkey); elytra reddish, often with the scutellar and sutural portions more or less distinctly and more or less extensively infuscate; abdomen blackish with the posterior portions of segments VII and VIII and all of segments IX-X reddish; legs pale-reddish; antennae with the basal antennomeres reddish and the apical antennomeres brown to dark-brown. Externally highly similar to Q. nivicola   , distinguished only by the shape of the aedeagus.

♂: aedeagus 1.05-1.13 mm long; median lobe and paramere shaped as in Figs 40-49. View Figs 33-42 View Figs 43-52

C o m p a r a t i v e n o t e s: Quedius ortrudae   is distinguished from other representatives of the Q. nivicola   group as follows:

from Q. nivicola   by an apically less flat (lateral view) and less acute (ventral view) median lobe of the aedeagus and by a slightly less broad paramere with on average fewer peg-setae;

from Q. problematicus   by darker coloration (particularly of the elytra and the pronotum, the latter rarely with paler margins) and by the shape of the aedeagus ( Q. problematicus   : apical portion of median lobe slightly sinuate, slightly longer; subapical tooth more distant from apex of median lobe);

from Q. josue   by darker coloration of the pronotum ( Q. josue   : pronotum mostly darkbrown to blackish-brown with narrowly yellowish margins; elytra yellowish with the sutural halves usually distinctly and extensively infuscate) and by a larger aedeagus with the apex of the median lobe slightly longer and slightly more acute in ventral view.

D i s t r i b u t i o n a n d n a t u r a l h i s t o r y: The currently known distribution ranges from the Aegean islands Ikaría, Samos, and Kos across Turkey eastwards to North Iraq. The specimens were collected in various habitats (forests, open land). The altitudes range from near sea-level to above 2300 m. Teneral adults were found in July (North Anatolia). Available evidence suggests that, as in Q. nivicola   , the habitat of Q. ortrudae   is essentially subterranean. Records of the species are rare and mostly based on singletons. Some were collected with pitfall traps, and three specimens were found in caves. The absolute number of records and specimens may convey a different impression, but it should be kept in mind that they represent the result of numerous field trips by various collectors amounting, in total, to years of intense collecting activity in Turkey alone. Moreover, the majority of records are from regions characterized by limestone (especially central southern Anatolia), and the general distribution of records is similar to that observed also for species of the Q. coloratus group, which too appear to have a hypogean reproduction habitat ( ASSING 2017a, e).