Nixonia pecki, Johnson & Masner, 2006

Johnson, Norman F. & Masner, Lubomír, 2006, Revision of World Species of the Genus Nixonia Masner (Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea, Scelionidae), American Museum Novitates 3518 (1), pp. 1-32 : 21-22

publication ID 10.1206/0003-0082(2006)3518[1:ROWSOT]2.0.CO;2

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Nixonia pecki

new species

Nixonia pecki , new species

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DESCRIPTION: Holotype female. Length 6.4 mm; head, mesosoma, base of T1, T6 black, apex of T1, T2–T5 dark red; femora, tibiae, tarsi dark red; antenna entirely black; tegula black to dark brown; palpi light brown; wings infuscate throughout, dark gray.

Head (figs. 2, 3, 52–54) moderately transverse in dorsal view, width 1.6 times length; vertex coarsely punctate, with granulate microsculpture; OOL short, lateral ocellus separated from inner orbit by less than one ocellar diameter; POL 1.4 times LOL; occiput coarsely punctate, with granulate microsculpture; occipital carina strongly raised, massive, crenulate; frons (fig. 53) rugulose-punctate, shining, above toruli with dense transverse wrinkles; frons fairly broad, IOS equal to greatest length of eye; toruli separated by distance of approximately one-half diameter of torulus, frons between toruli not projecting, flat; rim of torulus evenly raised; apical margin of clypeus broadly convex; area below eye (in normal position of malar sulcus) with fine granulate microsculpture; cheeks laterad of malar area coarsely punctate, without longitudinal sculpture; mandible short, bidentate, upper tooth only slightly longer than lower, without dense basal tuft of setae; maxillary palpal segment 4 distinctly expand- ed medially, subtriangular; A1 finely reticulate, greatest width beyond apical 0.6 of segment; length of A3 1.1 times length of A2.

Mesosoma (figs. 2, 3, 52, 54) as high as wide, length 1.4 times height in lateral view; pronotal shoulders coarsely punctate; lateral surface of pronotum with fine longitudinal rugulosity; netrion punctate-rugulose, with strong longitudinal sculpture; mesoscutum deeply punctate, with fine reticulate microsculpture; parapsidal lines present; scutellum coarsely punctate, with reticulate microsculpture, without longitudinal sculpture; median propodeal tooth moderately wide, two times as long as wide, pointed apically, longitudinally carinate; upper mesepisternum with strong longitudinal sculpture; fine foveae separating mesepisternum and mesepimeron extending from base of wing to coxal cavity; lower mesepisternum coarsely reticulate-punctate; mesepimeral hook longitudinally keeled; tegula finely punctate; apex of R 1 in forewing almost reaching costal margin; apex of forewing slightly surpassing apex of T4; R in hindwing with tracheate section short, broadly separated from hamuli by distance greater than its length; tibiae with fine, semidecumbent spines on outer surface.

Metasoma (figs. 3, 55) 3.4 times longer than greatest width; T1 distinctly wider than long; terga longitudinally rugose; apical emargination of female T6 moderately large, width greater than depth, female T6 anteromedially with field of granulate microscupture.

DIAGNOSIS: This species may be distinguished from most other species of Nixonia by the massively expanded occipital carina and the red basal metasomatic segments in the female.

ETYMOLOGY: Named in honor of Stewart Peck, collector extraordinaire.

MATERIAL EXAMINED: Holotype female: BOTSWANA: Central Dist., Serowe, I.1985, P. Forchhammer, OSUC 146422 View Materials , deposited in SANC. Paratypes: BOTSWANA: Central Dist., Serowe, X.1984, P. Forchhammer, 1 female, X.1984, OSUC 146423 View Materials . SOUTH AFRICA: Gauteng, Van Riebeek Natuurreservaat , 25 ° 52 9 S 28 ° 16 9 E, 5.I.1996, W. J. Pulawski, 2 females, CASENT 2042624, CASENT 2042622. Gauteng, Hartbeeshoek Radio Station , 25 ° 53 9 S 27 ° 41 9 E ,, 45 km WSW Pretoria GoogleMaps , 10.I.1996, W. J. Pulawski, 2 females, 1 male, CASENT 2042621, CASENT 2042623, CASENT 2042619. Limpopo, Klaserierivier, Klaserie Nature Reserve, 30.I.1974, W. W. Middlekauff, 1 male, CASENT 2042625. Limpopo, Lapalala Wilderness Reserve , 23.51 ° S 28.17 ° E, 21–23.I.1987, R. B. Kimsey, 1 female, OSUC 146459 View Materials . Transvaal, Guernsey Farms, 15 km NW Klaserie GoogleMaps ,

19–31.X.1985, S. Peck, J. Peck, malaise trap / flight intercept trap, 1 female, 2 males, OSUC 146419 View Materials , OSUC 146420 View Materials , OSUC 146421 View Materials . ZIMBABWE: Leighwoods , 20 ° 26 9 S 28 ° 15 9 E, 52 km SW Bulawayo GoogleMaps , 31.XII.1995, W. J. Pulawski, 1 female, CASENT 2042620. Deposited in CNCI, CASC, UCDC, SANC .


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