Tomaspisinella (Meretricula)

Andrew Hamilton, K. G., 2016, Neotropical spittlebugs related to Neaenini (Hemiptera, Cercopidae) and the origins of subfamily Cercopinae, Zootaxa 4169 (2), pp. 201-250: 226

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Tomaspisinella (Meretricula)


Tomaspisinella (Meretricula)   subgen.nov.

Type-species: Lepyronia punctatissima Stål, 1862   .

Etymology. Meretricula (feminine), courtesan.

Distribution. Brazil and Ecuador.

Diagnosis. Styles absent or perhaps fused to phallobase.

Description. Frons distinctly inflated; 2–3 anteapical cells and 4–5 apical cells each about as long as wide. Pronotum transversely rugulose. Costal margin of hind wing with 3 small hooks of similar size; outer margin sinuate; apical cells curved upwards near tips, 3rd apical cell twice as wide at tip as at base. Male pygofer, exclusive of subgenital plates, much longer than deep, continuous with subgenital plates separated by small Vshaped notch (except in T. pallidiceps   that has unique pygofers and subgenital plates, Fig. 32 View FIGURES 25 – 35 A–B); thecal shaft slender beyond globular base, curved cephalad, gonopore on dorsal surface ( Figs 30–32 View FIGURES 25 – 35 A–B).

Included species. The type-species and 2 new species, described below.