Microsargane (Microtholia) bipunctura, Andrew Hamilton, K. G., 2016

Andrew Hamilton, K. G., 2016, Neotropical spittlebugs related to Neaenini (Hemiptera, Cercopidae) and the origins of subfamily Cercopinae, Zootaxa 4169 (2), pp. 201-250: 216

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Microsargane (Microtholia) bipunctura


Microsargane (Microtholia) bipunctura   sp.nov.

Etymology bi— two; punctura (noun in apposition), hole.

Diagnosis. The largest member of the genus, 12.2 mm.

Description. Dark brown with paler median line on pronotum and 2 faint white spots on each tegmen, 1 on central anteapical cell just basad of tip of clavus, the other on 2nd apical cell from tip of clavus; thoracic pleura orange and spots on sides of abdomen red.

Type. Holotype female, PANAMA   : Chiriqui ─ La Fortuna 8o47'N 82o13'W, 1200m, Continental Divide Trail #2, montane forest, 18 Sept. 2008 (L. Sekerka & D. Windsor) beating and sweeping GoogleMaps   ; 2009- 56 in BMNH.

Remarks. Barcode of Life AHCNC 205-13, 8% divergent from common ancestor with M. habrotes   (the nextlargest species in the genus), a divergence greater than among any species in the nominate subgenus.