Microlaqueus, Andrew Hamilton, K. G., 2016

Andrew Hamilton, K. G., 2016, Neotropical spittlebugs related to Neaenini (Hemiptera, Cercopidae) and the origins of subfamily Cercopinae, Zootaxa 4169 (2), pp. 201-250: 211

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Microlaqueus   gen.nov.

Type-species: Microlaqueus isolatus   sp.nov., the only included species.

Etymology. micro- small, laqueus (m) snare, referring to the oval apical cells of the tegmen.

Distribution. Jamaica.

Diagnosis. Antenna with small postpedicel bearing 7 coeloconic sensillum pits of 2 distinct sizes with prominent double rims ( Fig. 24 View FIGURES 24 E) around the base of a short, broad basiconic sensillum ( Fig. 24 View FIGURES 24 D). Eye longer than lateral margins of pronotum. Tegmina each with venation irregular, not contrastingly pale, costal margin with 3–4 perpendicular crossveins, outer anteapical cell very slender, tegminal tip with small, round preapical cell edged with 4–5 still smaller apical cells, inner 2 apical cells distinctly larger ( Fig. 3 View FIGURES 1 – 8 A).

Remarks. The numerous small cells around the pointed tegminal tips are unique, and the large coeloconic sensilla tightly grouped around the basiconic sensillum are distinctive within the Microsarganini, resembling the sensilla of some old-world Cercopinae   ( Liang & Fletcher 2002).

Only one species is known.