Platyjasella cormorana, Dietrich & Magalhães & Takiya, 2020

Dietrich, Christopher H., Magalhães, Raysa Brito de & Takiya, Daniela M., 2020, Revision of the endemic Malagasy leafhopper tribe Platyjassini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae), European Journal of Taxonomy 695, pp. 1-89: 35

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Platyjasella cormorana

gen. et sp. nov.

Platyjasella cormorana   gen. et sp. nov.

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The species name refers to the shape of the style apex, being similar to the head of a cormorant (a group of common and widespread aquatic birds).

Material examined


MADAGASCAR • ♂; “ MADAGASCAR: Mahajanga Province, Sofia District, 45 km S Antsohihy, 5 km W of Anjiamangirana, elev 97 m, Feb 28 – March 7 2013, 15°09.42′ S 47°44.05′ E, California Acad. of Sciences , coll: M. Irwin, R. Harin’Hala, malaise, Analagnambe dry degraded forest MG-61- 100”; CAS. GoogleMaps  


Length of male 6.3 mm (female unknown). Color uniformly stramineous, except anterior margin of head black and forewing apex infused with brown pigment. Crown distinctly shorter than pronotum, anterior margin parabolic, lateral extensions overlapping ~¼ of eye margin. Hind tibial rows PD, AD and AV with 18, 12 and 13 macrosetae, respectively. Male pregenital sternite slightly longer than sternite VII, posterior margin weakly trilobed. Pygofer with dorsal process evenly tapered, nearly straight, extended posterodorsad, not reaching lobe apex, apex bluntly angulate. Style apophysis avicephaliform, with apex attenuate and extended posterolaterad, conspicuously denticulate ventrolaterally. Connective stem very short and narrow, arms widely divergent, anterior margin concave. Aedeagus with atrium narrowly V-shaped in posterior view, arms weakly divergent; shaft broad basally, tapered toward apex, curved strongly dorsad then nearly straight, with triangular posterolateral preapical process and short apical process extended anterad on left side, right side without processes.


California Academy of Sciences