Platyjassula cyclura, Dietrich & Magalhães & Takiya, 2020

Dietrich, Christopher H., Magalhães, Raysa Brito de & Takiya, Daniela M., 2020, Revision of the endemic Malagasy leafhopper tribe Platyjassini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae), European Journal of Taxonomy 695, pp. 1-89: 38-39

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Platyjassula cyclura

gen. et sp. nov.

Platyjassula cyclura   gen. et sp. nov.

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The species name, a noun in apposition, was formed by combining the Greek prefix ʻ cycl -ʼ (ʻcircleʼ) with ʻ- ura ʼ (ʻtailʼ), referring to the shape of the aedeagus in lateral view.

Material examined


MADAGASCAR • ♂; “ MADAGASCAR: Majunga Ambovomamy Belambo 20 km NW of Port Berger, 2–19 August 2008, 15°27.07′ S, 47°36.80′ E, California Acad of Sciences coll: R. Harin’Hala, M. Irwin, F. Parker, malaise, secondary growth on white sand, elev 33 m, MG-33-58”; CAS. GoogleMaps  


Length of male 7.8 mm (female unknown). Crown anterior margin, lateral margin of pronotum and costal margin of forewing bordered with pale yellow contrasting with darker adjacent areas; dorsal margin of face, dorsal surface of front tibia and spots at anterior apices of femora black. Crown distinctly shorter than pronotum, broadly rounded, only slightly longer medially than next to eye, anterior margin broadly rounded. Hind tibial rows PD, AD and AV with 18, 12 and 13 macrosetae, respectively. Male pygofer without ventral process. Style apophysis smooth, with apical branches diverging at nearly 180°, approximately equal in length, ventromedial branch falcate, dorsolateral branch straight. Aedeagus with atrium disc-like, shaft arising dorsally, with short, stout recurved process bearing gonopore and longer falcate process with excavated anteroventral surface curved ventrad; unpaired long, slender, slightly asymmetrical process arising ventrally from atrium and curved dorsad beneath ventroapical process.


California Academy of Sciences