Punctijassus ivohibensis, Dietrich & Magalhães & Takiya, 2020

Dietrich, Christopher H., Magalhães, Raysa Brito de & Takiya, Daniela M., 2020, Revision of the endemic Malagasy leafhopper tribe Platyjassini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Iassinae), European Journal of Taxonomy 695, pp. 1-89: 85-86

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Punctijassus ivohibensis

gen. et sp. nov.

Punctijassus ivohibensis   gen. et sp. nov.


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The species name refers to the forest where the holotype was collected.

Material examined


MADAGASCAR • ♂; “ MADAGASCAR: Toliara Foret Ivohibe 55.0 km N Tolagnaro, 2–4 Dec 2006, 24°34′08″ S 047°12′14″ E, California Acad of Sciences coll. B.L. Fisher et al., malaise trap, elev 200 m, rainforest, BLF15448 View Materials ”; CAS. GoogleMaps  


MADAGASCAR • 1 ♂, 1 ♀; Toliara, Foret Ivohibe , 55.0 km N of Tolagnaro; 24°34′08″ S, 47°12′14″ E; alt. 200 m; 2–4 Dec. 2006; B.L. Fisher et al. leg.; Malaise trap; rainforest; BLF15448 View Materials ; INHS GoogleMaps   .


Length of male 5.9 mm, female 6.5 mm. Crown with marginal rim and anterodorsal part of frontoclyepus black; middle and hind femur with conspicuous black spot on anterior surface of apex. Crown shorter than pronotum, anterior margin broadly rounded. Hind tibial rows PD, AD and AV with 17–18, 12–13, 14–15 macrosetae, respectively. Style apophysis slightly sinuate, nearly parallel-sided through most of length, apex curved dorsad, in ventral view nearly straight, evenly tapered in distal fourth. Connective with anterior margin roundly produced. Aedeagus with shaft large, strongly compressed, broad in lateral view, curved dorsad, with ventral lobe not longer than basal width, gonopore on posterior surface near apex; basal process long, evenly curved dorsad, extended nearly to gonopore. Female abdominal sternite VII with posterior margin weakly bilobed medially.


California Academy of Sciences


Illinois Natural History Survey