Pincerna vanbuensis (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900)

Sang, Do Duc & Son, Nguyen Thanh, 2022, The land snail genus Pincerna Preston, 1907 (Gastropoda: Alycaeidae) from Vietnam and Laos, with description of a new species, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 70, pp. 364-375 : 369-372

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Pincerna vanbuensis (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900)


Pincerna vanbuensis (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900)

( Figs. 1 View Fig , 3A–E View Fig , 6E View Fig ; Tables 1, 2)

Alycaeus (Dioryx) vanbuensis Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900a: 120 (type locality: Van-Bu = SƠn La Province, Vietnam).

Alycaeus (Dioryx) vanbuensis – Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900b: 455, pl. 11, figs. 19–21.

Dioryx vanbuensis – Kobelt, 1902: 340; Do et al., 2015: 120, fig. 2C.

Alycaeus vanbuensis – Fischer & Dautzenberg, 1904: 432; PállGergely et al., 2017: 10, fig. 3C; Inkhavilay et al., 2019: 13 View Cited Treatment , figs 4C–E.

Pincerna vanbuensis – Páll-Gergely et al., 2020: 184.

Material examined. Type material. Tonkin, Van-Bu, leg. Dr. R. Bavay, MNHN-IM-2000-31798 (syntype) ( Figs. 3A View Fig , 6E View Fig ); Van Bu, Tonkin, RBINS 525448 View Materials (paratypes) .

Additional material examined. ZMHU/ 20 View Materials , Vietnam, SƠn La Province, Thu ận Châu District, Co Mạ Commune , Copia Nature Reserve , steep limestone slope with dense disturbed vegetation, 21°21′25″N, 103°31′14″E, 1239 m a.s.l., col. D.S. Do GoogleMaps & T.H. Nguyen , 08 June 2013 ; ZMHU/ 11 View Materials , Vietnam, SƠn La Province, Mai SƠn District , MƯ ờng Bằng Commune, Nà Hoi Village , limestone hill with degraded regrowth, 21°18′11″N, 104°02′16″E, 779 m a.s.l., col. D.S. Do GoogleMaps & T.L. Nguyen , 22 November 2013 ; ZMHU/ 23 View Materials ( Figs. 3B, E View Fig ), Vietnam, SƠn La Province, Thu ận Châu District, Bon Ph ặng Commune , Đốm HƯ Ợn Village , 21°22′23″N, 103°46′19″E, 605 m a.s.l, limestone karst, col. D.S. Do GoogleMaps & T.D. Luong , 20 August 2013 ; ZMHU/ 5 View Materials , Vietnam, SƠn La Province, Yên Châu District, Yên SƠn Commune , Chi Đảy Cave , primary forest on limestone, 21°08′30″N, 104°10′29″E, 815 m a.s.l., col. D.S. Do & X.H. Nguyen, 02 September 2017 GoogleMaps ; ZMHU/ 4 View Materials , Vietnam, Hòa Bình Province, Mai Châu District, Tân SƠn Commune , Bó Liêm Village , under rocks in old secondary forest, 20°10′29″N, 104°58′17″E, 553 m a.s.l., col. D.S. Do & C. Vilachark, 07 January 2018 GoogleMaps ; ZMHU/ 9 View Materials , Vietnam, Ninh Bình Province, Cúc PhƯƠng National Park , limestone outcrops in shale bedrock of primary forest, 20°21′13″N, 105°54′22″E, 297 m, col. D.S. Do GoogleMaps & T.L. Nguyen , 19 August 2016 ; ZMHU/ 26 View Materials ( Fig. 3C View Fig ), Laos, Xieng Khouang Province, Khoune District, Nam Phan Commune, Pa Kha Village , limestone area near village, 19°31′59″N, 103°31′01″E, col. C. Vilachark, 26 July 2018 GoogleMaps ; ZMHU/ 18 View Materials ( Fig. 3D View Fig ), Laos, Houaphanh Province, Xiengkho District, Na Tong Village , limestone hills, col. P.S.L. Ti Khun, 20 August 2018 .

Diagnosis. Pincerna vanbuensis is characterised by a small sized, globular shell with irregular, clearly visible ribs on R3.

Distribution. This species is known from Vietnam (SƠn La, Hòa Bình, Quang Ninh, Ninh Binh Provinces) and Laos (Luang Namtha and Luang Phrabang Provinces) ( Vermeulen & Maassen, 2003; Inkhavilay et al., 2019).

Remarks. Its type locality Van-bu most probably refers to “Vạn Bú” Province, which was established in 1895 and remained until 1904. This species clearly differs from P. anceyi and P. costulosa because its R2 is relatively long, while its R1 possesses clearly visible and regular spaced ribs. The operculum of three specimens have been examined. The inner surface of operculum is smooth, glossy and has no central nipple. The outer surface is relatively flat, with indistinct appressed multilamellae. Pincerna vanbuensis is a very variable species in terms of shell size, sculpture of R1 and R3, number of R2 ribs and the extension of the columella (see Tables 1, 2).


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Pincerna vanbuensis (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900)

Sang, Do Duc & Son, Nguyen Thanh 2022

Dioryx vanbuensis

Do DS & Nguyen THT & Do VN 2015: 120
Kobelt W 1902: 340

Alycaeus (Dioryx) vanbuensis

Bavay A & Dautzenberg P 1900: 120

Alycaeus (Dioryx) vanbuensis

Bavay A & Dautzenberg P 1900: 455