Maxchernes birabeni Feio, 1960, Feio, 1960

Mahnert, Volker, Iorio, Osvaldo Di, Turienzo, Paola & Porta, Andres, 2011, Pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) from Argentina. New records of distributions and habitats, corrections and an identification key, Zootaxa 2881, pp. 1-30: 17

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Maxchernes birabeni Feio, 1960


Maxchernes birabeni Feio, 1960  

JUJUY: Fraile Pintado, Higueritas (type locality), 10.XII. 1950, M. Birabén leg., male holotype ( MLP), 1 Ƥ paratype (allotype) ( MLP), 1 young ( MLP) ( Feio 1960); Fraile Pintado, 3 holotype, 1 Ƥ paratype, 1 nymph paratype, no. 10409 ( MNRJ), formerly PS 161, three mounted microscopic slides ( Kury & Nogueira 1999), no. PS 161 ( MNRJ) (Ceballos & Rosso de Ferradás 2008 a).

Note 1. According to Feio (1960), the holotype and ‘allotype’ were deposited in MLP, but they were evidently not returned after publication, as they are still in MNRJ ( Kury & Nogueira 1999).

Note 2. The publication date of this genus and species had been cited as being 1959 (e.g. Beier 1974; Schawaller 1980) but was correctly given as 1960 by Harvey (1991). The relevant issue of Neotropica (vol. 5, no. 18) bears the date 1.XII. 1959, but the last page states that it was actually printed on 7.I. 1960.


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