Chelifer excentricus Holmberg, 1874, Holmberg, 1874

Mahnert, Volker, Iorio, Osvaldo Di, Turienzo, Paola & Porta, Andres, 2011, Pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) from Argentina. New records of distributions and habitats, corrections and an identification key, Zootaxa 2881, pp. 1-30: 24

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Chelifer excentricus Holmberg, 1874


Chelifer excentricus Holmberg, 1874  

“À la quinta de mon père” (= type locality: Buenos Aires City), “sous l’ecorce d’un Ombú ( Pircunia dioica   )” = Phytolacca dioica ( Holmberg 1874)   .

Note 1. The homestead of the Holmberg family was situated in the city of Buenos Aires, in the Avenue Santa Fe, between Canning (at the north) and Alvarez (at the south), towards Avenue Las Heras (at the east) ( Holmberg 1952; Del Pino 1995). Thus, the type locality of Chelifer excentricus   may be referred as “Buenos Aires City”.

Note 2. Balzan (1888 b, 1890) was unable to recognize the species concerned by this name.

Note 3. The Holmberg collection is now lost. After Eduardo Holmberg (1852–1937) died, his family closed his working room for thirty years. In the early sixties a relative (probably his son, Luis Holmberg, 1888–1986) donated all the entomological boxes to the Museum (Buenos Aires), but pins, labels and “mountains of powder inside the boxes were the unique remains of the collections”; no slides or fluid-preserved material were included (A. Bachmann, pers.comm., 30.VI. 2009).