Westcott, Richard L., Parsons, Gary L. & Johnson, Paul J., 2006, New records and other notes for Oregon Coleoptera, Zootaxa 1142 (1), pp. 1-33: 4-5

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1142.1.1

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* Dinoderus minutus (Fabricius)   . Clackamas Co., Canby , live adults and larvae in bamboo from China   , 2­I­2003, S. Lewis; Jackson Co., Medford , 27­II­74, bamboo knife handle from Japan   , J. R. McLoughlin; Lane Co., Eugene , 8­X­81, bamboo basket from China   ; 13­IX­2000, bamboo stakes; Marion Co., Salem , 20­V­77, bamboo basket from China   .

* Heterobostrychus aequalis (Waterhouse)   . Douglas Co., Roseburg Lumber Co., X­70, OSAC; Multnomah Co., Portland, 16­IX­91, packing crate from China; emerged wood packing crate from China, V­26 & VII­93, D. S. Jackson.

* Heterobostrychus brunneus (Murray)   . Benton Co., Corvallis , ex wooden drum from Zambia, 14­XI­2005   .

Lichenophanes californicus (Horn)   . Jackson Co., near Medford, Roxy Ann Peak, 21­VI­ 69, BLT, FPL. Apparently this is our only native member of the tribe Bostrichini   , and it has been recorded only from central California ( Fisher 1950).

* Minthea rugicollis (Walker)   . Lane Co., Springfield , in furniture from Indonesia, 12­X­ 2003   .

** Prostephanus truncatus (Horn)   . Multnomah Co., Portland , burned urban forest, in funnel trap with ultra­high release ethanol lure, ODAPMS, 16­X­2002   .

* Sinoxylon anale Lesne. Jackson Co., Medford   , emerged vine wreath from the Philippines, XII­89, McLoughlin & Westcott; Multnomah Co., Portland , 27­VII­70, in wood of packing crate from India; Portland , Hayden Island, 10­VII­2003, funnel trap with ethanol lure.

* Sinoxylon conigerum Gerstäcker. Jackson Co., Medford   , 14­XI­89, in vine wreath from the Philippines, J. McLoughlin.

Stephanopachys sobrinus (Casey)   . Baker Co., Baker, 8­X­64, light trap, KJG; Crook Co., Prineville, Comb Flat Road, trap #13­01i, Lindgren funnel trap w/ Ips ­lure, 8­IX­98.


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile